Get Working Fast!

Need work? Every day, JOHNLEONARD needs the very best talent to fill last minute, immediate Temporary jobs within the region’s top organizations. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting your job search, we can help you get working fast.
We know that sitting around waiting for that next opportunity can be difficult. JOHNLEONARD gives you a chance to be proactive in your job search by joining our Strategic Work Attack Team (SWAT).
Once you register as a ‘Temporary Staff Representative’ you will be eligible to qualify for our SWAT Team. As part of SWAT, you will be added to our first-call list for last minute temporary opportunities. Although last minute, many of these assignments end up being long-term and some even result in offers of Direct Hire employment.

Become one of our valued SWAT members today and have access to a job tomorrow.

How do I join SWAT

It’s easy. If you are already a ‘Temporary Staff Representative’ and have a proven track record, simply call a Staffing Consultant and request to be on SWAT for the next day. If you are new to JOHNLEONARD, make an appointment to come into our offices to meet with our team.

Despite our best efforts, not every candidate will be able to walk out with a new opportunity right away.  Don’t be discouraged…we have a solution!  While we never stop working to find you the right Direct Hire opportunity, we can have you meet with our Temporary Division to get you working right away. 

What is expected of me?

All we ask is that you are:
  • Available to receive a call at 7:30am
  • Prepared to leave home for a last minute assignment by 8:00am
  • Willing to take on any assignment appropriate to your skill set
  • Flexible for a reasonable commute to work

How will SWAT benefit me?

  • When assigned, you earn money…so it’s good for your cash flow
  • Increases your chances of working more regularly
  • Keeps your skills at a high level
  • Opens the door to temp-to-hire opportunity
  • Puts you at the top of the list for future work

JOHNLEONARD wants to invest in your future

Looking for a job is hard work but JOHNLEONARD can help!
Use our Job Seekers Survival Guide to help with your next Job Search.