Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform reference checks on your candidates?

Yes. We perform a minimum of one reference check before you ever meet with our candidate. Additional references are completed by the end of the interview process. Copies of references are available upon request.

Where do you find candidates?

JOHNLEONARD’s primary source of quality candidates is referrals. Additionally, candidates are sourced through various job boards, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as well as the open web (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). JOHNLEONARD also maintains an extensive database of highly qualified candidates.

Do you offer temporary to direct hire placements?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a contract we have to sign?

JOHNLEONARD issues written confirmation (signed by both parties) authorizing us to conduct a search for qualified candidates for your direct hire and/or temporary staffing needs. There is no contractual requirement to use JOHNLEONARD’s services.

Will you provide business references?

Yes. We are happy to provide you with a list of references from our ongoing clients.

Do you give volume discounts?

Yes. JOHNLEONARD works with you to develop a mutually beneficial partnership tailored to your budget. We will conduct a client focused review to determine your specific direct hire and/or temporary needs, the volume of your requirements, billing and special reports, and more. We are confident in our ability to provide superior service at a competitive price.

Do you give discounts to non-profit agencies?

Yes. JOHNLEONARD is committed to supporting the efforts of non-profit organizations. All our not-for-profit clients automatically receive a 5% billing reduction on all temporary invoices and a 15% reduction of the direct hire fee for service.

Is JOHNLEONARD able to provide a bid/proposal of services?

Yes. We have the capacity to submit bid/proposals designed specifically to meet your requirements and budget. We believe that each client has needs unique to their organization’s dynamics. We have a proven track record of successfully submitting winning bids/proposals across a variety of industries and price points.

How are Temporary Staff Representatives paid?

JOHNLEONARD generates weekly payroll and billing in-house. Online time sheets are completed by the Temporary and approved by the client. Approval verifies the hours worked and authorizes release of a paycheck to the Temporary for the work performed. Billing is fully driven by approved time sheets. Specialized billing and/or reports can be provided upon request.

Do you perform skills testing? How accurate are the test results?

Yes, and our test results are very accurate. Using the industry leading skills evaluation system, we can confirm beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels of knowledge thereby enhancing our ability to match the most qualified candidate to the job at hand.

Can you guarantee that the Temporary will stay for the duration of their assignment?

Each Temporary Staffing Representative must give a commitment for the full duration of the assignment. In fact, to help motivate our Temporaries to stay through the end of longer term assignments, we build in performance and completion cash bonuses. Certainly changes in circumstance and emergencies can occur; however, JOHNLEONARD is fully equipped to ensure that our clients’ experience little or no disruption if the unexpected happens.

How quickly can JOHNLEONARD fill my open positions?

This obviously depends on a number of factors including whether the need is for a Direct Hire employee or Temporary help, the lead-time for filling the job, and the skill difficulty factor. Regardless, JOHNLEONARD is recognized for delivering timely and effective staffing solutions.

Additionally, our S.W.A.T. service offers emergency help in minutes, not hours. Each morning, skilled proven performers are available to be assigned to a client’s emergency staffing needs.