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“WOW…Just W-O-W! The Temporary Representative was unbelievable!”

We believe in recognizing our Temporary Staffing Representatives who go above and beyond in ensuring complete satisfaction on the job. With your help, the Temporary Staffing Representatives you work with can be awarded:

Temporary of the Year – $500
Temporary of the Month – $100

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What employers are saying about our Temporary Staffing Representatives:

“Malik was honestly one of the greatest kids I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He was sweet, fun loving, so incredibly smart, and picked up our culture, software, and practices like an old pro. He was trained on several things in a very short window of time and absolutely excelled at it and made little to no mistakes in the process. I would recommend him to absolutely any company, as I know he would master any role he put his mind to.”

    –Ashley C., Customer Service Supervisor 

“I just wanted you to know that the temporary staff have worked out to be such fantastic members of our team and I just can’t imagine ever finding two such talented, capable, and really “perfect” people to join our team than these two lovely ladies have turned out to be. We have been able to onboard them as permanent staff and we are soooo happy to be able to do so. If we find ourselves in need of people quickly, we’ll definitely be in touch.”

    –Emily H., Director

“Jessica is, without a doubt, the best temporary staff person that I have worked within 30 years of management, at organizations large and small, managing hundreds of staff (including over 100 direct reports) over the years.”

    –Judith G., Chief Operating Officer

“I am sad that we don’t have an opportunity to hire Renee for a direct-hire role, which I would do in a heartbeat. If you hire her, you won’t be disappointed.”

    –John S., Attorney

“WOW…Just W-O-W! The Temporary Representative you sent me was unbelievable! Not only was she detailed and thorough but she truly offered to help in any way she could…AND she had such a great sense of humor and pleasant manner about her!“

    –Gretel H., Business Owner