Outstanding Performers

Our Temporary Division’s “Outstanding Performers” are honored and recognized across the JOHNLEONARD community.


Temporary of the Year – $500 award
Temporary of the Month – $100 award

How To Be Considered:

  • Be a current JOHNLEONARD Temporary Staff Representative
  • Produce quality work on a consistent basis
  • Show your willingness to step up to the plate and demonstrate an eagerness to learn
  • Maintain a “roll up your sleeves” mindset on all assignments
  • Be on time with perfect attendance
  • Project a cooperative and enthusiastic attitude
  • Consistently complete error-free time card documentation and adhere to the payroll process
  • Encourage your supervisor to support your candidacy by submitting positive feedback about your work
  • Nominations are to be completed by your Supervisor


  • Self-nominations will not be considered
  • Temporary of the Year award is presented each January for the previous year
  • Temporary of the Month award is presented monthly
  • Temporary of the Month winners are eligible for the Temporary of The Year Award

JOHNLEONARD wants to invest in your future

Qualify for our $1,000 Scholarship Program.