Need Temporary Help?

You never know when the need for extra help may arise. Whether it’s the result of project support, employee absence, or even as a stop-gap while the longer-term need is determined, JOHNLEONARD is always prepared to deliver the best Temporary Staffing Solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Whether you have a need for short or long term assignments, we have the resources available to provide you with skilled temporary help, at a moment’s notice.

JOHNLEONARD has a sterling reputation and is ranked among the top 10 largest temporary staffing firms in Massachusetts (Boston Business Journal), representing individuals and organizations across various job categories and industries.  We stand out because we build strong relationships and strive not only to find a good skill-set match, but also a cultural match with your organization.

We have the experience and know-how to fill jobs across industries and job categories including Legal, Administration, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, and Technology. JOHNLEONARD has an extensive database of Temporary Staffing Representatives ready to be deployed immediately. Don’t let your business and productivity slow down when it doesn’t need to!

Benefits of using Temporary Services

  • On-Target candidate/job matching
  • In-house payroll processing and distribution
  • Detailed candidate screening
  • Complete skill evaluation and testing
  • Performance guarantee
  • Experienced Staffing Consultants
  • Personalized Service
  • Shortest time-to-fill 

Performance Guarantee

JOHNLEONARD ensures 100% satisfaction.

Take the risk out of the hiring process.