Looking for a job?

Are you ready for your next job? Connecting people with employers is what we do. We find the best match possible for your career path.

Finding a new job can be a challenge. Whatever your career goals are, we are committed to helping you succeed. To make sure a job is right for you, we meet with you personally to get to know you and find out about your goals, aspirations, and skills. By carefully listening to your needs, we are able to tap into our resources and bring to light new and exciting opportunities.

We offer employment opportunities in all job categories throughout a variety of sectors, including Legal, Administrative, Accounting, Marketing, Non-Profit, and more.

Looking For Direct Hire Opportunities?

JOHNLEONARD has relationships with organizations throughout Massachusetts and the U.S. We can open doors to a position that not only fits your career needs but also your lifestyle.  Our fundamental commitment to your success ensures that we provide nothing but the best customer service.  We work hard to exceed your expectations.

Despite our best efforts, not every candidate will be able to walk out with a new opportunity right away.  Don’t be discouraged…we have a solution!  While we never stop working to find you the right Direct Hire opportunity, we can have you meet with our Temporary Division to get you working right away.

Interested in Temporary/Contract Assignments?

The market for Temporary/Contract work is currently on the rise in the USA and the need for the best talent is more pronounced than ever. Here at JOHNLEONARD, we strive to get you working in a job that suits your skill set, in a time frame that suits your needs. Whether you are right out of school, or an experienced professional, we offer employment solutions, ranging from one-day assignments to six-month/multiple-year projects.

Is Temp to Hire the Solution for You?

One of the best ways to secure the job of your dreams is to start first in a temporary capacity since many temporary assignments can lead to a Direct Hire opportunity. Also, some employers prefer to fill roles on a temp to hire basis. This process allows both you and the employer to “test the waters” before making that final commitment. Whatever your motivation, this type of program may be right for you.

The Job Seekers Survival Guide

Looking for a job is hard work but JOHNLEONARD can help!
Use our Job Seekers Survival Guide to help with your next Job Search.