Every business goes through cycles. With restructuring or consolidating comes the unpleasant task of laying-off employees. JOHNLEONARD’s outplacement services can help you present a positive option to your team.

Whether your organization is moving locations, downsizing, merging, or consolidating, JOHNLEONARD can help your displaced employees find new and exciting jobs that are right for them. We not only assist your employees in finding new employment, but we also provide education on how to write their resumes, interview, build their computer skills and prepare for their job search.

When a need for Outplacement occurs, JOHNLEONARD works directly with your management team to develop a program which is specifically geared toward those employees affected by the transition.

We then work with each employee, on a one-on-one basis, carefully listening to their employment needs and aspirations. Our comprehensive program facilitates a smooth and positive transition, allowing your organization to return to “business as usual”. By helping you manage your transition events, JOHNLEONARD enhances your ability to retain your organization’s brand equity, your reputation as an employer of choice, and ultimately your best people.

Our Outplacement Service Includes

  • Temporary employment opportunities while searching for a direct hire position   
  • Resumé preparation assistance
  • Career assessment and evaluation of transferable skills
  • Computer skills verification
  • Computer skills tutorials
  • Thorough interview preparation
  • Initial contact and interviews with hiring companies
  • Follow-through to successful placement