During a long job search process, staring at your computer screen and refreshing your inbox can become exhausting. Keeping motivated can be a difficult task; however it’s important to find ways to stay active and engaged. There are plenty of ways that you can productively use your time while also completing a successful job search. Follow these helpful tips on how to stay active during your job search and remain motivated throughout it.

1. Create a set routine

A job search takes a lot of preparation and organization, so it’s important to create a set routine to follow. Start by scheduling an allotted time each day that is purely dedicated to your job search, with activities such as applying to jobs, creating cover letters, building your social media profiles, following up with recruiters or employers, and networking. Having each of these tasks scheduled in your day will allow you to stay organized, as well as make it part of your daily routine. (Also, be sure to download our Job Search Tracker to help manage all of your job search tasks!)

Active- Job Seach Tracker.png2. Volunteer

When looking for a way to stay active as well as help your local community, try volunteering. Besides making a difference and giving back, there are a number of positive ways that volunteering can assist you with your job search including learning new skills and gaining experience to add to your resume. The other benefit to volunteering is that you can meet new people, and you never know what kind of networking opportunities they’ll be able to provide.

3. Start a blog

There will always be competing candidates applying for the same job(s) in an organization. How will you be able to stand out from the crowd? One way is to use some of your spare time to start a blog. Your blog could be industry related, a how-to blog, or even something in relation to your own job search process. Having a blog will show your writing skills and demonstrate your knowledge on a variety of topics.

4. Keep your social profiles updated

When trying to keep up to date with everything that goes into a job search, it can be overwhelming to also update your social media accounts on a daily or even weekly basis. However, your social media profiles and content you post can play a factor in hiring decisions. Be sure to update each of your profiles with your most current experiences, accomplishments, and skills. Utilize your network of connections and reach out to individuals that could assist you in your job search or have jobs available at their organization. Lastly, utilize helpful online tools (such as Buffer and Feedly) to find content and post regularly throughout your search.

5. Take necessary breaks

In order for your mind to be stimulated during your job search, you also need to add some sort of physical activity to your routine. Taking a break by going to the gym, trying a new exercise class, or just walking around your neighborhood will provide you with energy needed to stay motivated. Exercise will give your brain the refresh it needs to keep moving forward.

6. Take a class

Another way to add experience to your repertoire, while still working toward a new job opportunity, is to take a class. You can try a class at a local school or university, or search for classes online. No matter what industry you are working in or want to work in, it’s crucial that you continue to learn new skills.  Taking a class will also keep your mind stimulated and increase your industry knowledge.

7. Read inspirational books

Another way to remain active during your search is to take advantage of inspirational books out there. Reading a book that relates to your current place in your career will help to motivate you in a more intellectual way. There are so many great books written by extremely successful people that will give you hope during your job search process.

8. Set up informational interviews

If an organization isn’t necessarily hiring at the moment, but you are still interested in learning more about working there in the future, it’s beneficial to set up an informational interview. Reach out to an employee, whether you know them personally or just added them on LinkedIn, in order to find out more about their organization and see if they’re willing to meet. These informational meetings will also get your foot in the door and show that you are being proactive and are truly interested in their organization.

9. Stay up to date in your industry

No matter which industry you currently work in or are looking to get into, it’s always important to stay up to date on industry related news. This way, when you are networking or starting to talk with recruiters, you’ll sound more well-informed. Follow leading publications, news sources, and blogs and make it a point to read them consistently. (You can also subscribe to the JOHNLEONARD blog in order to learn top job search and career advice!)

Active- Subscribe to Blog.png10. Set attainable goals

When looking at your job search as a whole, it’s important to set attainable goals. Set goals that you can complete daily, weekly, and even monthly. This will assist you with keeping on task, as well as motivate you by showing what you have accomplished throughout your search.

Looking for a new job is typically a long process. In order to remain motivated, you need to find the ways to keep yourself active and engaged so you can move forward toward your next opportunity.