5 Company Culture Questions to Ask During an Interview

Millions of employees are joining the Great Resignation and this movement is undoubtedly impacting the new world of work. High turnover is expected to continue to remain elevated this year. Not only are employees quitting at a staggering rate, but employees are quitting within the first few months/ first year of the job. Recent studies have shown that as high as 40% of newly hired employees alarmingly leave almost right after they start, and an additional 10% to 20% leave within the first year. Many different factors are driving this but one of the main influences for making a move so early within the job is poor workplace culture.

In the wake of the pandemic, the priorities of workers have shifted and many quit their jobs because they felt they were working in unsupportive environments. Employees want to work at an organization that supports and embraces a culture of flexibility and well-being. An article from Fortune.com shares, “LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report found that, while job seekers are viewing nearly twice as many job posts before applying, posts mentioning culture get 67% more likes, shares, comments, and clicks compared to average posts.”

Just like employers want to see that you are the right fit for their organization, you need to decide if the organization is the right fit for you. You can determine this by asking specific company culture-related questions during your virtual or in-person interview. To help you decide if an organization’s mission and values align with your own, ask these five questions before accepting a job offer.

What does work/life balance look like at your company?

If work-life balance is a priority for you, ask this simple question and see if their answer aligns with what matters most to you. You can ask what benefits and work-life arrangements they offer like mental health benefits, paid time off, flexible work schedule, etc.

The balance between work and life means something different for everyone. Pay close attention to the hiring manager’s response and body language. Do they seem genuinely happy at the company? If they cannot answer this question or respond by saying they expect employees to work long hours or always ‘be on’ it may not be a good fit for you.

Why is this position open?

If you’re looking to find out why the person in this position left, you can ask why the job is open. You’ll uncover if this is a newly created role or you’ll find out if the last employee was promoted, let go, or another circumstance.

How does management give feedback?

This question will uncover the details of the company’s performance review process. Receiving any sort of feedback is critical to professional growth. What steps does the company have in place when it comes to employee performance evaluations?

What does career growth and development look like?

If a goal of yours is to advance in your career, you’ll want to work at a company that invests in career development. If the hiring manager doesn’t mention any opportunities for growth like mentoring, regular trainings, networking events, promotions, feedback, etc. that may be a red flag.

How often will I meet one-on-one with my manager(s)?

Check-ins with your manager are critical as they help build connections, learn their expectations, and will help you grow. Learning how your manager will measure your success is key in both understanding the company priorities, as well as their managerial style.

5 Company Culture Questions to Ask During an Interview  (1)Every organization has its own unique company culture. Asking the right questions will help you uncover what it’s like to work there and determine any red flags. These five questions will ensure you make a good first impression while learning the reality of the company’s culture/ work environment.


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