5 Creative Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Shine.pngWith the start of the New Year, it’s a great time to take a look at how you’re perceived online. Get a better understanding of your personal brand by reviewing your social media, online profiles, and anything else on the web that you may use in your job search or to advance your career. Regardless of where you are professionally, there are most likely a few things you can do to improve your brand.

Your personal brand is a tool you can use to gain the attention of employers or further establish yourself as an industry leader. Even if you’re only just beginning to develop yours, there are ways you can get your knowledge and expertise in front of others. Take a look at these five creative ways that can enhance your personal brand and really make it shine.

Create a personal website

A personal website is a space that is entirely about you and can display a number of different skills you have such as writing, visual design, storytelling, etc. This type of platform is a great way to put your personal brand on display and act as a tool that can be easily promoted to your network. A website allows you to share expertise through blog posts, add visuals to show who you are, and create a principal format that can be applied to other online profiles you currently have. Your personal website can also be a supplement to your job application, or another way to display your knowledge which will move you up in your career.

Write a guest blog post for a publication

The first step in writing a guest blog post is to determine a topic that you have a true understanding of and can write thoroughly about. Then, you have to find those online publications or blogs that currently talk about those subjects and determine if they are the right fit to expand your brand. Reach out to the editor or creator of the blog to see first if they accept guest writers, and then second, how you can submit a sample of work. This type of exposure on a website or blog that isn’t your own will show that you are in-demand and will get you more recognition in your industry.

Take advantage of LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher is a great avenue to showcase your knowledge and spread it to your connections. It’s a similar format to writing a blog post, but writing here will allow you to easily promote it to your LinkedIn network. When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your connections will be notified and will be able to share it with their network as well. Your post will also appear on your LinkedIn profile, so anyone visiting your profile will be able to see it. Adding original content here will increase your visibility and traffic to your page, further developing your expertise and personal brand.

Provide advice and feedback to others

Another creative way to build your personal brand and showcase your know-how is through providing advice and feedback to others. Find the ways to share your knowledge through your own network of connections or through others seeking assistance on particular topics. You can do this through social media, such as leaving comments on LinkedIn threads, joining Facebook group discussions, or taking part in a Twitter chat. Take it a step further and provide answers and examples on website platforms like Quora and Reddit. Not only will people appreciate your input, but you will also be able to share your understanding of industry-related material.

Be consistent throughout all you do

When developing your personal brand, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in all that you do. Be consistent in your messaging, writing, and visuals in order to create a central theme that makes your brand recognizable. Keep the same profile picture on any online account, try to use the same username on your profiles, take advantage of your social media cover photos, and construct enticing bios. Maintaining this uniform format and imagery will help you enhance and preserve your personal brand.

Ways to Make Your Brand Shine.pngEstablishing your brand is something that will continue to develop as you move through your career. It’s important to take the time to get a true understanding of how you appear to others online, and make any adjustments as necessary. Your personal brand is your professional reputation, so be sure to find the creative ways to make it really flourish.


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