It can be safe to assume that old adages like “the golden rule”, “lead by example” and “be kind” would be elementary to most people. However, it can easily be forgotten in the workplace where having meaningful relationships with others is imperative.

Regardless of the industry you work in, you need to know how to work collaboratively and managerially with other people both in and out of the office. Knowing the correct tactics can help accelerate your career and enhance your professionalism if used appropriately. Use the following steps to create and sustain meaningful professional relationships that will enhance your career outlook.

Lead with Integrity

The easiest way to debilitate a relationship with someone is to misrepresent something to them, whether it be your professional opinion, a business deal, or a job opportunity. While not everyone will be completely honest with you, make sure that you are very clear in your opinions, intentions, and feedback. This way you can avoid miscommunication and misleading others about opportunities that are uninformed or misrepresented. The more honest and upfront you are with others, the more they will trust your opinion and lean on you for your support and integrity.

Show Others They Can Trust You

Not only do you have to tell people that they can trust you, you have to show them as well. Trust is everything in business! If your coworkers, clients, candidates, and employees do not trust you and your word, they will never listen to you and will never be able to truly respect you. Show people that they can trust you by sticking to your word, supporting them when they are right, and leading them the right way if they are wrong. Your words require actions; if you cannot show people that you mean what you say then your professional reputation could be affected.

Praise Others 

While constructive criticism is vital to instill positive growth, it is also important to remember to praise those you work closely with when necessary. If a coworker does a good job, make sure that you congratulate them. Give a simple act of acknowledgment by sending a quick message to them or even announcing it to your team. Having a positive, encouraging work environment is vital to maintaining healthy professional relationships.  It shows that you truly care about those around you.

Don’t Rely Solely on Email

In this modern age, it can be second nature to want to send an email or a text in order to avoid actual conversation. While this can add simplicity and avoid discrepancies, it can also result in business relationships that never actually have real human connections. Sending an email is so easy, but it shows people that you care when you can pick up the phone and take two minutes out of your day to relay a message. Even the simple act of bringing coffee to a business meeting or offering to go on a client visit can completely transform your relationship with a business partner.

Stay Connected

It is so important to keep in touch with those that you meet in a professional setting. This can be through an interview, business deal, networking event, or another occasion where you made a connection. LinkedIn is a vital tool that you can use to keep in touch with those people in your professional circle. Whenever you meet someone for an interview, ask for their card, connect with them on LinkedIn, and check in with them occasionally. You never know what venture might come from a quick email, congratulatory letter, or minute conversation.

Keep_Professional_Relationships.pngThe professional relationships that you foster in your life can potentially transform the opportunities that you are given. It can also help to shape your reputation in the professional world. The way that you treat those that you work with can have a direct correlation to how people view you as a businessman or woman. By following these five habits, you can polish your professional outlook and take your career to another level.


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