5 Sales Tactics to Utilize For Your Upcoming Interview-1Are you one of those people who would refer to themselves as a “salesperson?” Do you have an attitude that emanates conviction, confidence and persuasion? Whether or not we would like to admit it, all of us have had to take on the role of a salesperson at some point in our lives, especially during an interview for a job that we really want. Here are five fool-proof sales tactics to use during your next interview that will help you land the job!

Develop Your Pitch

The success of your sales pitch is all about how you present yourself to the interviewer. It focuses mainly on the inherent question of the interview, “why should we hire you over someone else?” We answer that same question in sales every day, “why should I use your service over company X?” The key to answering that question comes through deep reflection, thought, and truly believing in yourself- the product. Why are you the best fit for the job? What does your experience say that lines up with what they are looking for? What are you missing in your current job, or what are they needing as an organization, that would be benefited from them hiring you? These types of questions should all be included in your pitch. In order to sell it you need to truly understand and believe in what you are saying. That way you will present yourself as confident, convincing, and prepared for any contradicting questions.

Study How You Speak

The stress resulting from an interview for a new job can turn someone who is usually calm, cool and collected into a rambling, incoherent mess (and you may not even notice the slight changes in your voice). Taking the time to have a mock interview with a friend or family member and having them give you critiques on your voice can help immensely. Limiting the amount of times you say filler words such as, “um”, “like”, and “so” will make you sound immensely more confident and knowledgeable. Also, paying attention to the pace in which you speak can allow you to sound more confident and poised. The development of this skill will limit your tendency to sound rushed, stressed and unprepared. Luckily, this is one of the basic sales skills that is easily trainable!

Ask Questions

Even though going on an interview may seem very one-sided, from the interviewee perspective, there are several opportunities that one can capitalize on to make the interview as dimensional as possible. You are not only there to sell yourself to the interviewer, you are also there to have the opportunity to show them why they may want (or need) you. Not only should they be asking you questions, but you should come prepared with questions or points of reference in order to create a dialogue that is beneficial to the sell. For example, if they ask you what your career aspirations are, you may want to follow up with a question about the growth potential within the position and the organization. If they ask you to explain how you got to your most current role, you can answer and then ask them the same. Having a two-way conversation allows you to share more about yourself, learn more about them, and alleviates tension.

Show Your “Product” Knowledge

When you take on an interview from a sales perspective, you are essentially selling a product, and that product is you! Approaching an interview from the perspective of mutual benefit can aid in figuring out what knowledge is necessary to bring to the table. What would they be benefiting from hiring you over someone else and why are you the best fit for that particular organization? The tidbits of knowledge gained from answering this question prior to the interview will help enormously in figuring out the type of information the organization needs to hear in order to make an informed decision. Additionally, studying the job description for key words and using those as a reference point back to your resume will sell you even more as the most appropriate candidate. The more similarities you can find between the employer, this position, and your background, the more knowledge you will have to bring to the table in showing them why you are the right one for the job!

Keep in Touch

It is immensely important to continue the dialogue with an employer you are really excited to potentially join. Keep in mind reference points from the interview that you can use to personalize your thank you note. A quick email thanking them for their time and consideration will go a long way in ensuring the success of the sell. Include points from the interview that make you want to be part of the organization. If you really liked their company atmosphere, tell them! If you really felt as though the organization had a lot to offer you in the long-term, let them know! Organizations thrive on hearing feedback from candidates on what they are doing that sets them apart from other employers, especially when they are in the midst of competitively hiring new employees. Taking the time to show them you were paying attention and took the time to give them feedback on how your conversation went from your perspective is key. This continues the two-way dialogue.

Sales Tactics InterviewI am sure that the saying “sell yourself” can sound pretty cliché. However, perfecting these types of sales skills will help you come across as more confident, knowledgeable and prepared, even if you don’t feel that way in the moment. Give these sales tactics a try and go nail that interview!


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