5 Simple Approaches to Get Ahead in Your Career 1Do you feel like you aren’t advancing at work? Could it be that you aren’t putting forth enough effort? In today’s competitive job market, just doing your job isn’t going to cut it. We are sharing with you five simple ways you can advance and thrive in your profession. These approaches can make all the difference between getting ahead and staying behind. 




Work can’t get done without you, so be on time! Make your best effort to get a good night sleep before work so that you can be as mentally and physically fresh as possible. Every interaction you have in the workplace will reflect either positively or negatively upon you, so make sure to take the time to make yourself presentable. Also, don’t be a “clock watcher”- the one who has their bags packed and sneakers on 15 minutes before they are set to leave.

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Every work environment provides opportunities for negativity, commonly known as workplace gossip. While you may feel enticed to participate, make sure you don’t. Even when supervisors are seeking comments on coworkers be honest, but hold back on the negativity and look for what positives you can find.

Not only can you control your own attitude, but you can influence the attitude of those surrounding you. There are endless benefits from building a positive relationship with everyone in your workplace, from all management levels. Find common interests and talk about them. The more people you develop optimistic relationships with (both up and down the hierarchy), the more successful you’ll be.

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Welcome all sorts of feedback from your colleagues. Be open to constructive criticism and ask yourself every day “how could I have done that better?” If you mess up, and you inevitably will, admit to the mistake and do what you can to rectify it. Everyone makes mistakes, but the winners are those who own up to those mistakes and then go the extra mile to fix the created problem. Admitting to your mistakes opens the door to advice and tips from your coworkers.

If you’re wondering who to go to for help, we have the answer. In most workplaces, it’s easy to identify the top employees. They’re the ones who always seem to come through with the things that need to be done. As a result, they have job stability and plenty of tips!  

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Many workplaces have times where there is downtime. That time is key in separating the people who get ahead from the people who get left behind. Find things to do with that time that’s useful. Read up on industry trends or get to know a coworker in a different department. Take each opportunity to walk out of work gaining knowledge you didn’t have walking in.

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When difficult situations occur, every workplace benefits from having someone who they can rely on as a leader. This is the person who helps coworkers out when they’re going through a crisis. You may even be from different departments, but you’re all working for one organization and everyone contributes to making the ship run smoothly.

Focusing on what matters goes hand in hand with being direct. If you want a raise or a promotion, be clear about it. Ask your supervisor directly for what you want and be able to make a good case for it. If you get a “no,” ask what you need to do to get a “yes” and do just that. If you don’t address it yourself, no one will.

5 Simple Approaches to Get Ahead in Your Career quoteNo matter your profession, there’s always opportunities in the workplace to improve yourself. Don’t be the employee who is just “there”. Be proactive and follow these simple tips to help achieve all of your professional objectives!


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