Tips to Make Your New Hire Feel Welcome-1

Beginning a new job is a big change and can be overwhelming. Many people feel nervous before their first day, wondering if they will fit in with the company culture and get along with their new colleagues. During a new hire’s first few weeks it is important that you, as a supportive employer, help ease the transition into their new position and the organization. For advice on how to make your newest employee feel welcome and comfortable, consider these six points.

Express Excitement

Before beginning their first day, reach out to confirm the start date and time. This can be as quick as an email or private message on LinkedIn. At the end of the message, express enthusiasm and let them know that you are looking forward to them joining your team. This simple yet effective gesture will ease any nerves and gives the employee a sense of belonging even before their first day.

Introduce them to Everyone in the Office

Introducing your new hire to every employee in the office will get them acquainted with the people who they will be working with and get a feel of the office layout. This introduction is often overlooked but should be a first day, first priority, to the employer. Introducing and giving a tour allows the new hire to see some familiar faces and meet new ones, become aware of where everyone sits, restroom access, and any other amenities that are available for use.

Offer Branded Materials

There is usually much paperwork that needs to be filled out during the first couple of days, and it can be embarrassing for your new hire to jot something down and not have any office supplies. It is thoughtful to leave supplies on their desk, such as a branded pen or notepad. Laying out materials upon their arrival will make them appreciate the fact that the organization thought of them before their start date.

Invite them to Lunch and/or Events

Lunch is the perfect day time break for employees to take their mind off of their work tasks and talk about weekend plans, favorite TV series, or anything non-work related. Talking about topics such as these will give you a chance to get to know your new employee on a personal level. If you have a cafeteria in your building or favorite lunch spot, kindly invite them to join you and your crew on your break. Also, if there is an upcoming event, work-related or not, that you think they would enjoy or benefit from, extend the invitation. Doing so will make them feel included and a valued team member.

Provide Extensive Training and How-To’s

Set aside some time to sit down with your new hire and outline the responsibilities that they’ll have. You can even provide written instructions with step-by-step tutorials on some assignments. This prevents fewer questions from being asked in the future and directions will make them feel like they can tackle their projects without hesitation.

Suggest a Mentor

Your new employee should feel comfortable going to anyone for help, but it is a plus if you can set them up with one specific person who will act as their mentor. Therefore, they will have guidance with any work-related issues, get advice on how to approach a certain situation, and learn new skills. Choose someone who you know is going to be willing to help and share how they’ve learned from their own experiences, good and bad.

Tips to Make Your New Hire Feel Welcome (1)Assuring your new hires feel welcome when first joining your team can improve employee turnover in the long run. Keep in mind, new employees are most likely to feel a little anxious starting their new position. Taking these small steps in the very beginning can help boost their confidence and sets them up for success.


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