During the holiday season, the daily grind will undoubtedly increase, and your work drive must follow. Deadlines will be tight, and your boss will be busy managing a very heavy workload with all of the vacation days being used and the long breaks approaching. Organizations will need their employees to keep the office flowing— so who better than you?

As the end of the year nears, it is one of the best times to gain acknowledgment from your managers and supervisors. It’s important to stay proactive and receive recognition for your hard work. The following tips will assist with making your boss realize how deserving you are of a possible year-end bonus or even a promotion!

1. Remind your boss how important you are

During this time of the year, your boss will have a lot on their plate, and it is unreasonable to assume that they will always know what you’re doing. Find a time to update your manager or supervisor on your progress on a long-term project or suggest a solution to an incumbent problem between departments. This will help your boss recognize the hard work you’re putting in and consider your opinions more thoroughly. The goal is to make their lives easier and stress-free.

2. Provide concrete actions and results

It’s essential to keep valuing your manager’s time. When presenting your accomplishments, you must provide solid numbers, data, and figures supporting them. To take it one step further, add solutions and goals, showing that you have critically thought about the bigger picture and what to do next to increase results. You should not only suggest answers, but you should also keep track of all of your achievements throughout the year! All your hard work to generate success should not go to waste. Keep a catalog of all of the clients you’ve landed or monitor your increase in sales, as these are the numbers that demonstrate concrete actions and results you’ve produced.

3. Take initiative on projects

As the holiday season approaches, be sure to give yourself additional responsibilities to take on. Again, the goal is to make life easier for your boss and fellow employees. Take the lead on a project or assignment to develop your skill sets and show your manager how committed you are to the organization’s success. Don’t let the holiday slump get to you; prove you know how to be proactive. Go the extra mile and stay late to help a coworker with their workload or learn a new software skill that might be helpful in the next project. Any tangible actions that show you have taken the initiative to do more than expected will show that you have the drive to take on more responsibility and provide support to keep your organization thriving.

4. Be an active listener

Respond to your manager’s words and show you actively listen to their goals. After a meeting, make it a point to compile a to-do list that accomplishes at least one task discussed. These meetings are meant to remind us of what needs to be done. Reacting soon after a meeting has ended shows your forethought and dedication to be more than a passive member. You want to ensure that your manager knows you are listening to what they need and responding effectively.

5. Know the needs of the office

As a proactive employee in your office, you must know what needs to be done, what projects to prioritize, and what deadlines must be met. These are all integral to ensuring that work in the office will get done by the time it needs to be completed. Be helpful with tracking project due dates and maintaining important timelines. Not only will this show how aware you are of what is required at the time, but it also shows your boss how indispensable you are to the team.

6. Socialize with your coworkers

Even though this season is when employees may be taking longer vacations or time off, it’s still crucial to continue getting to know your coworkers. Your boss will often get an impression of your work ethic from workplace talk, and you want those comments to be positive. Always maintain a professional reputation among your colleagues, and that will show your manager how much people respect you in the office. At the holiday party, try to start conversations with employees you may haven’t had the chance to get to know. This will increase your value to the organization and show that you have developed more profound relationships.

7. Show you’re ready for next year

One of the most important aspects of gaining recognition toward the end of the year is to keep moving forward! When the holiday season ends, a new year will approach, and you must be prepared for possible changes. Design thoughtful plans on how you will tackle the new tasks or responsibilities assigned. Also, set goals for yourself to demonstrate how you want to improve in the next year and ensure your path toward success. Managers and supervisors are always looking for employees with a broad imagination and an awareness of the bigger picture.

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Remember that while these are ways to help you earn a possible year-end bonus or promotion, these are also actions you should be engaging in all year round. In order to continue to make a great impression within your organization, follow through with these steps, and you will assuredly be a valued member in your office!


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