Additional Free Online Tools to Learn New Resume-Boosting SkillsToday’s job marketplace is extremely competitive, so it’s important to always be on top of your game. One way to do this is to learn skills that will make you an asset to any organization. We previously wrote a blog post on free online tools you can use to teach yourself new skills, but we found many more sources that will help you develop into a confident and competent employee. Take a look at the following tools that will boost your resume and advance your career!

Microsoft Office Suite Additional Tools- Office

Microsoft Office skills are a staple in almost every job, no matter what the industry. You can never get too much training for these programs, and luckily, the internet is full of free resources.

  • GCFLearnFree: This is a wonderful resource that not only comes with instructional videos, but also step-by-step pictures and practice workbooks for you to practice what you learn.
  • Microsoft Office Training Center: What better place to learn about Microsoft than from Microsoft?
  • Spreadsheeto: Decide whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user of Excel and choose the lesson plan tailored to your existing knowledge.
  • ExcelExposure: Follow the instructional videos with a practice workbook. This website also provides an Excel cheat-sheet that includes important functions and formulas.


Accounting Additional Tools- QuickBooks

When applying to jobs in the accounting field, you will need to know about the latest software and technology used by financial professionals. Here are two resources you can use to brush up on your QuickBooks skills.

  • Intuit: Seeing that QuickBooks is made by Intuit, this is a great place to learn all there is to know about this program.
  • FitSmallBusiness: Get access to 39 free QuickBooks tutorial videos split up into seven detailed lesson plans.


Social Media Additional Tools- Social Media

Social media skills are becoming increasingly in demand for roles. With these tools, you will learn not only how to effectively use social media, but also how to analyze metrics and improve your marketing campaigns. 

  • Access detailed tutorials about using social media.
  • Constant Contact: There are step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to build and maintain your social media presence.
  • Classpret: Writing for online platforms is quite different from writing for print. Learn why and what you can do to reach your audience effectively.
  • Quintly: This course will teach you the fundamentals of social media analytics.


Marketing Additional Tools- Marketing

Marketing basics are a great set of skills to have when looking for a new job opportunity. Whether it’s marketing yourself or marketing a business, you should be up to date on the best practices of marketing a brand.

  • Udemy: Having great content is useless if you people can’t find it. This is how to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to shine a spotlight on your brand.
  • SkillShare: Email marketing remains an effective way to keep in touch with your consumers, and this tool will provide you with ways to craft an email strategy.
  • Trailhead: Learn about Salesforce from Salesforce in this detailed and fun tutorial.
  • Open2Study: Here are some key points to be aware of when promoting and advertising your organization on the web.


Graphic Design Additional Tools- Graphic Design

Learn the basics of graphic design, which you can apply to anything from social media posts, online advertising, and even email marketing.

  • Canva Design School: Besides being an amazing (and FREE!) graphic design site, Canva goes a step further to ensure you have fundamentals of graphic design down pat before you embark on your artistic journey.
  • Udemy: Learn how to use Adobe InDesign with this free lesson plan.


With the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to find online resources to make yourself a more marketable candidate. Take advantage of these platforms and bring yourself to the front of the pack by leveraging your newfound skills.

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