Although JOHNLEONARD is accustomed to getting rave reviews for our commitment to providing the best service possible to our client candidates and companies alike, sometimes we fall short of our own high standards.  Rather than ignore less-than-positive feedback, we use it as a “learning opportunity” and where appropriate, we re-calibrate our approach so as to continually improve in the eyes of our clients.

Generally speaking, if we are found lacking, it is usually caused by a failure in communication, specifically not doing a good enough job of keeping our client candidates fully apprised of the changing dynamics of the hiring process. But failure is a failure and we do not take any level of dissatisfaction on behalf of our clients lightly. Whether it’s not responding in a timely manner, frustration with a slow-moving hiring process, or even a genuine dislike of any of our processes, John Leonard takes all complaints seriously.

So, rather than ignore negative feedback we embrace the notion that all feedback is good feedback!  Good feedback in the sense that, honest criticism is responded to openly and genuinely allows us to improve our client service and ultimately enhances every client’s experience.

On reflecting on some of the issues recently voiced, we identified important shifts in the ever-challenging “employment lifecycle” as being at the root of many of these issues. Hopefully, the following will be of help in understanding that our commitment to you our client is unwavering and we strive every day to show that our Action Speaks Louder Than Words ™.

It’s tough out there…

We hear that you are discouraged. The truth is that jobs still aren’t as plentiful as in previous times. Additionally, those organizations that are hiring are slower than ever before to make that critical hiring decision. We recognize the frustration factor in today’s hiring process and understand that our communication with candidates has to be clear and truthful, which means we give a full account of where things stand – even if the explanation itself generates its own level of frustration.

 From first contact, please know that we are working on your behalf…  

Every resume submitted to John Leonard receives an immediate acknowledgment via email. That immediately initiates a process of evaluation that strives to match every resume we receive with at least one active job. Obviously, that lofty goal is not always attained however, even where a match to a current opening does not exist, we evaluate resumes against known criteria which reflect skills and experience highly regarded by our client companies/hiring managers. We then set about the task of reaching out to hiring managers to further grow the pipeline of jobs we can present to our client candidates.  Obviously, this takes time. Although you may not hear from us beyond the emailed acknowledgment, rest assured that your resume is being carefully considered and you will be contacted just as soon as we find a match for your skills and experience.

We are working behind the scenes…

Even when we are successful in scheduling an interview with a prospective employer, sometimes it feels like we are in a continuous “holding pattern”, with little or no feedback. Lack of communication following interviews usually means that hiring managers, or their organizations, are still evaluating candidates, wanting to see additional candidates to have a basis of comparison, or are still trying to decide if there is a real business decision for making a hiring decision. We understand the frustration this causes.  We are committed to expediting all hiring decisions and to getting timely feedback.  Despite all our best efforts sometimes the process grinds to a halt and feedback is non-existent. When that happens please know that we too feel the same level of frustration.

We constantly try to improve our service offerings…

Outside the job matching process, we recognize that our client candidates look to us as a source of information and knowledge. We are reading more, are on the phone more, making more connections via social media, and attending more networking events, all to better understand changes in the Greater Boston job landscape so that you have the information you need to leverage your experience and march forward, smarter and more effectively.

We are committed to the best customer service possible.  It’s that simple.  And we will continue to try harder to satisfy your needs.  Even if we cannot find you a job right away, know that we have your best interests in mind and we will leave no stone unturned on your behalf.

So, if you’ve worked with John Leonard before, review us.  Right here.  Right now.  Ask us questions. Tell us what aspects you like about working with us.  Address your professional concerns.  Let’s have an open, honest, and mutually respectful conversation.

Thank you for your attention and for placing your trust in our commitment to your long-term success.