Common Interview Questions for Temporary Jobs

In today’s labor market the demand for temporary workers continues to rise and shows no sign of slowing down. Temp jobs are very attractive for both job seekers and employers, as these positions typically last for a limited time period but also have the potential to turn into a direct-hire opportunity. No matter your reasoning behind deciding to temp, you need to be prepared when interviewing for these roles. To impress the decision maker, review these common interview questions so you show that you’re a dependable candidate who will make a great temporary employee.

What interests you about temporary work?

The hiring manager is looking to uncover what motivated you to go down this career path. You should explain that one of the best ways to secure the job of your dreams is to first start in a temporary capacity. This process allows both you and the employer to test the waters before making any commitment. You can also mention you like the idea of exploring different roles and industries to gain a wide range of experience and expand your skill set. 

If a direct-hire position became available, would you be interested?

Keep in mind not every temporary job will turn into a direct-hire position. But for the roles that do, the interviewer wants to know how interested you are working a direct-hire position for the organization. If you are unsure, keep your answer brief and general. Explain why you prefer temp work opposed to direct-hire but, are open to different possibilities in the future. If you are hoping that the position does become direct-hire, express your interest and explain how you are qualified for the role.

How do you adapt to a new work environment?

Working a temporary job requires you to quickly adapt to new situations and environments. You want to be sure you emphasis your flexibility and give examples of how you’ve dealt with change in your previous positions. It’s important you portray your ability to handle new people in new places and that you genuinely enjoy working and thrive in new workplaces.

What are your long-term goals?

When interviewing for a temp role be cautious of ‘long-range’ questions. Hiring managers are trying to uncover your dependability and longevity in a temp position. They don’t want to hire someone who will accept the job and then later bail on the role for another, long-term opportunity. Carefully answer these type of questions by clarifying that you are interested in the position because it allows you to sharpen your skills and experience.   

What specific skills will assist you in this assignment?

Your skill set and how effectively you apply them is what hiring managers are heavily focusing on. Confidently share with the interviewer relevant skills you’ve gained that will help you in the position.  If you notice a specific software or program highlighted in the job description mention your past experience with it.

Do you have any questions?

This question will be asked whether you’re applying for a temp or direct-hire position. Make sure to prepare a few questions that express your interest. Ask relevant questions about the duties of the position or the schedule/hours. Don’t bring up money or ask if the position will turn into a long-term position until the employer mentions it.

Common Interview Questions for Temporary Jobs 1By asking these interview questions, employers are trying to gauge your adaptability, skills and overall aspirations for your career. It’s important that you review and practice before your interview and treat it just as you would for a direct-hire position. It’s a competitive job market and you need to stand out from all the other temporary and contract workers. When explaining why you’ve decided to temp, provide valid reasons as to why they should consider you for the role.


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