How many of us in the business world just follow the status quo on a daily basis? We come in with the mindset of accomplishing more than less, but leave at the end of the day feeling defeated and exhausted. It happens to the best of us, but there are ways we can try to eliminate those frenzied days where things just pile up.

So how do we do that? We need to build more structure and find what works best, individually, in our daily schedules. A few simple but game-changing tips can increase your productivity and have you leaving the office with a better sense of accomplishment. Take a look at these creative tips that will allow you to have more structure and be happier throughout the day.

Determine which part of the day you’re most productive

Before you even set up your day, it’s important to learn when you’re most productive. Is it the morning, middle of the day, or the afternoon? Everybody has their own parts of their days where they know they can get more work done. Once you determine your best time, you must eliminate distractions and make sure others know of your “designated” time. Staying on task and focused during these times are important to your success. After you figure this out, you can plan your day accordingly.

Don’t let email control your day

If you let it, email can control your day. The addiction to check and respond immediately to email is a major cause of disruption in the business world. It pulls people away from projects, takes away from face-to-face interactions with employees, and ultimately is an excuse to not follow-through with items that should be a priority. Make it a point to not check your email every minute throughout the day and instead find a time that allows you to answer your emails more efficiently and effectively.

Be active during lunch

It’s important to utilize your lunch hour as a time to clear your head, feel refreshed, and release some tension. Numerous studies show that getting away from your desk or office throughout the course of the day allows the body and mind to become less stagnant. Sitting at your desk all day can also cause you to get lazy, complacent, and tired. During your lunch, go for that walk outside, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or find something active to do. You could even head out with coworkers and have a walking meeting outside the confines of your office. Once you start doing these activities, watch your afternoon productivity levels rise!

Help someone else during the day

At some point during the day, try and think about how you can help someone, either in your office or outside of it. Starting the day with a positive mindset will set the tone for the day. Whether it’s making an introduction between two contacts or coming up with a plan to bring people together for an office charity drive, it will allow you to bring energy into your day. An optimistic attitude will not only help improve your day, but it will have a positive impact on your team as well.

Take a small break when you can

A typical work day can be long, so it’s important to give yourself small breaks here and there throughout the day, and not just at lunch. You need to give your brain a rest at times so you can come back refreshed and tackle the rest the of the day. Go grab a coffee with a coworker, take some time to read a news article, or visit with a co-worker you would not normally interact with throughout the day. Little things like this can also help develop a more positive work culture while building comradery within the organization.

Ask yourself improvement questions to end your day

The most successful person strives to be better each day and to do that we all must ask ourselves what we can and will do differently the next day. It’s easy to think and gloat about the good things and the wins, but we also have to recognize the bad and the losses that come our way. Could we have taken a different approach on a task or could we have handled a client situation better? Asking ourselves these types of questions will allow us to learn from those situations and turn them into more wins!

Add Structure List.pngBefore you set up your day, take the time to implement these resourceful ways to gain more control over your busy days. Structure is key and these creative tips will lead to a healthier and more productive day!


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