December is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Job Search (2)

Many wait for the New Year to begin their job search or to change career paths, forgetting that December is a valuable time for job seekers to get their foot in the door and to keep the job search pushing. Besides spending your time this month holiday shopping and traveling, use it to set up the New Year with a new opportunity. The most wonderful time of the year can be said about this magical month and your job search! In fact, a survey reported, 94% of employers believe that candidates should continue or begin their job hunt during the holidays. Here are just a couple of reasons why the twelfth month is the best time of the year to look for a job.


Now is a perfect time to mix and mingle. The family and friends that you see during the holidays are a great support system and can give you respectable advice. Share with them what you want to do, your skills and experience. Ask your loved ones if they know anyone that could be a valuable connection to you. Even if you aren’t job searching at the moment, it’s valuable to check-in with previous colleagues or mentors, making it much easier to reach out again when you are looking.


Everyone knows the craze the holiday season brings, which is why many organizations hire extra help. With a boost in business in certain sectors and many employees taking time off to travel or be with family, companies often rely on temporary or seasonal workers to fulfill these spots. Especially now with a strong job market, this year’s holiday hiring is expected to hit a multiyear high as retailers are expected to hire over 700,000 new employees to meet today’s intense demand. Also, keep in mind, many of these temporary positions can blossom into full-time work.


With fewer people applying to jobs, it’s easier to stand out and make a meaningful first impression. Actively looking for a job during this busy time demonstrates your full determination and drive. Statistically, many individuals quit their jobs or leave for other opportunities at the end of the year, creating a pool of open positions for you, along with decreased competition!


With many employees out of the office on vacation, it can be easier to directly connect with hiring managers, as they’ll have more time to respond to calls and emails. If you receive the dreaded “out of the office” email, don’t give up. Be persistent and find out who else within the company you can connect with in order to advance your job search.


Just like yourself, organizations are gearing up for the New Year and want to be as prepared as possible. If they have an open position available, they’ll likely be pushing to have this position filled, so they can bring in the New Year with a fresh start. Get your application in now so you’ll be fresh in the mind of the employer making New Year’s hiring decisions.

December is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Job SearchAlthough tempting, don’t wait until the post-holiday season rolls around to look for a new job. Take advantage of the lucrative time December brings. While everyone else is on break, keep your fire burning. Start sending your applications and cover letters out today, you’ll be merry and bright that you did!


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