Effortless Interactions That Will Make your Employeers feel valued

As the company leader, you’re accountable for making sure your employees are happy and actively engaged. On a daily basis, your workers need to feel appreciated in the workplace. Leadership can be hard to juggle at times, but there are effortless interactions you can make that will show your employees endless support and make them truly feel valued. 


How do you foster a culture of trust between employees and management? By being honest with your employees. Transparency plays in intricate role in developing effective employee engagement. Answer their questions truthfully, fill them in on what’s happening, and be upfront with the organization’s goals and how they will be involved. If you are clear with your team they won’t be left with unanswered questions and you will see an increase in productivity and trust.


Your employees will respect you when you recognize that they have other responsibilities outside of work. A little flexibility goes a long way. If an employee asks to work from home or leave early for an appointment, willingly say yes! Remember, flexibility in the workplace improves the lives of your employees therefore, will improve your organization. 


It’s your responsibility to offer your employees feedback based on their performance. Constructive criticism increases professional development, organizational growth and offers clarified expectations. When giving individual feedback do it face to face and in a private setting. Doing otherwise may seem like your dishing out destructive criticism.


People feel valued when leaders recognize them for their hard work. Often forgotten, simply saying “thank you” to your team will let them know that you appreciate their contribution. Small gestures can make a huge impact and they don’t need to cost a fortune. Leave an encouraging post-it note on their desk or surprise the office with coffee or sweets every now or then.


As a boss, assigning employees challenging tasks conveys that you have faith in them to get the job done. By delegating assignments that are a bit beyond their skill set will help your team accomplish more than they ever thought was possible. It also shows that you think they’re doing a good job at their everyday duties thus, they’re responsible enough to handle more complex projects.  


Taking time out of your day to engage with your employees about their lives outside of the office shows you care about building a relationship. Go beyond just talking about work related topics. Remembering and mentioning small details about what’s important to them will make your employees feel more connected to you and feel like their boss listens to what they say.

Effortless interactions that will make your employees feel valued (1)

These small but rewarding interactions can make a big difference in your organization. As obvious as it may sound, your employees are humans. They want to be recognized for their work, feel appreciated, and know that they have a boss who genuinely cares that they are part of the team. These six simple tips will help you become a more effective leader and see an increase in your employee morale.


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