Job Search Tasks You Can Get Done in Less Than an HourMany of us procrastinate when it comes to searching for a job because of the endless hours that come with it. In reality, it doesn’t need to take up your whole day. There are several ways to complete job search related tasks in less than an hour. The key is to stay organized and manage your time wisely. Listed below are seven steps you can utilize so your job hunt doesn’t dominate your precious time. 

1. Make a schedule

First and foremost you need to get organized. Whether you have a planner on your desk or on your phone, see what time you are available to work on different aspects of your search. Carving out specific time before you start looking will save you from doing multiple small tasks throughout your day. Write down a time and stick to it. Setting up the initial phase of your job search won’t take long and it will only pay off in the long run.

2. Research who’s hiring

The next step is determining what you are looking for in a job. It’s also important to ask yourself what type of employer you would like to work for. You can use helpful tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to learn more about possible employers and an organizations employer brand. 

3. Set up job alerts

You probably don’t have time to search for jobs all day, so you can have the jobs come to you. Set up alerts on different websites such as LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Indeed or consider joining a Talent Community such as JOHNLEONARD Talent Community. This way, jobs you’re interested in will be sent directly to you and you can review them on your time. You will save time scrolling through feeds full of jobs that don’t pertain to you.

4. Review your resume

If it’s been awhile since you searched for a new job then it’s likely that your resume is outdated. Before you consider submitting your resume, make sure it’s current. Doing this ahead of time will avoid you from constantly revisiting it throughout your search. Add new content that will help you stand out amongst others. Check-out our helpful tools to create a more advanced resume.

5. Update your social media profiles

Before you start applying to jobs you should to ensure that your accounts are professional and polished. For the most part, we are all on social media so you might as well employ it in your job search. Add more current, appropriate photos and job responsibilities if you have not made those updates in a while. Don’t forget to audit your more personal accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Check your privacy settings to secure posts you don’t want a potential employer to see.

6. Connect with people on LinkedIn

Save yourself time by first considering the question, are any of your connections in a position to help you? Reconnect with past co-workers or old friends in the industry. After researching different people and organizations, start to connect with them on LinkedIn. A quick and thoughtful tool is to send a personalized message to anyone you want to network with.

7. Create an online portfolio

An important step in your job search is to utilize your assets. Collect your most recent work and showcase it through an online portfolio. This gives you the chance to demonstrate your creativity and revisit the work you are proud of. Once your portfolio is completed, attach it to your resume and various social media pages. This is a great use of your time while searching for a job because it will allow you to standout from others and portray your relevant work.
Job Search Tasks You Can Get Done in Less Than an Hour (2)

Beginning a job search doesn’t need to consume all of your time. These seven steps will benefit you and reduce time during your job hunt. Being well prepared and organized will help you find your next career opportunity more efficiently.


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