How Introverts Can Flourish in an Extroverted WorkplaceIt’s common for introverts to feel overwhelmed and misunderstood in the workplace. With a strong emphasis to network, voice your own opinion and speak up, introverts may be left feeling out of place and overlooked by co-workers. The main distinction between introverts and extroverts boils down to how you are energized. Introverts recharge by spending time alone and often lose energy from being around large groups of people for extended periods of time, opposed to extroverts who gain energy from being around others.

Although you may think your workplace favors an extroverted setting, that doesn’t mean your introversion should hold you back. Continue reading for advice on how introverts can excel in a busy work environment.

Make the most of your commute

Whether your commute is in a car alone or by public transportation surrounded by others, you can use this time to find ways to be by yourself. By listening to music, a podcast or audiobook, you’ll be able to unwind, relax and catch up on current events. This time to yourself and ability to drown out the busy morning rush will ensure you get to work feeling refreshed.

Prepare in advance

Unlike extroverts, introverts typically need more time to gather their thoughts and formulate them into an effective plan. As a result, meetings that encourage open ideas and collaboration may seem stressful at first. In order to combat this, prepare in advance and write down your thoughts in order to organize your ideas and map out what you want to be said. You may feel more invested, organized and comfortable by taking notes and looking back on what you prepared before coming into the meeting.

Recognize your strengths

Don’t be shy about your talents and assets. A Wharton study revealed that introverts make better leaders in various situations because of their strong ability to delegate effectively. There is no need to make apologies or act differently. Make sure to communicate clearly and confidently and stay connected with others around you. By recognizing your strengths and expanding on them, you’ll be able to successfully lead in any environment.  

Use breaks to recharge

While it’s important to get to know your co-workers on a personal level, know that it’s okay to take time to yourself at work. Don’t hesitate to grab lunch by yourself or take a ten-minute walk if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnout. No matter your schedule, find a few minutes each day to take time for yourself.

Break out of your comfort zone

Easier said than done, stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging and scary but also rewarding. Start by changing your mindset, then take necessary action. Rather than completely coming out of your comfort zone and humiliating yourself, try expanding what you are comfortable with and taking small steps. You’ll find a little effort goes a long way.

Communicate comfortably

Introverts tend to tense up in interpersonal settings. If speaking up and making small talk isn’t your forte, don’t hesitate to use alternative means of communication. Emailing or instant messaging your co-workers your thoughts or ideas are ways to let them know what you have to say. As mentioned above, expanding your comfort zone and trying new things will only help you grow within your career. Work on perfecting your communication via phone and face-to-face as you progress.

How Introverts Can Flourish in an Extroverted Workplace (1)Using your strengths and personality to your advantage will ensure you’ll be successful in whatever environment you are placed into. Start off your day on the right foot and continue taking time for yourself throughout to recharge and stay focused. Follow these steps to find comfort and success in a bustling workplace.


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