It’s no secret that organizations not only want to see the qualifications on your resume but also how you will fit into their company culture. It’s important to demonstrate to a potential employer the top soft skills they desire, in addition to your qualifications for a job opening.

While these soft skills are necessary, they aren’t the easiest to portray on your resume. Many resumes feature a type of clichéd line like, “I am a hard-working and motivated individual.” A recruiter or hiring manager obviously wants you to be these things, but there are better ways to highlight how you are like this in your day-to-day responsibilities.

Top Soft Skills Desired by Employers

LinkedIn recently analyzed over two million members’ profiles to determine which soft skills are more in demand in 2016. They found that the top skills that employers are looking for in potential candidates are communication, organization, teamwork, punctuality, critical thinking, social skills, creativity, interpersonal communication, adaptability, and a friendly personality.

Now, it’s crucial that you don’t just list these qualities in one line you should only include the ones that you do truly possess. You want to showcase these skills through your accomplishments and how you demonstrate them in action each day. Utilize examples that are relevant to the position for which you are applying and try to include numbers where you can.

Here are examples of how you can go about adding these necessary soft skills to your resume in a more significant way.


“Facilitate and present monthly training on new marketing skills and social media trends to groups of over 20 employees.”


“Schedule daily meetings and complete all necessary travel arrangements (both foreign and domestic) for 3 attorneys.”


“Help train 2 new employees to incorporate them into the company culture and achieve our team’s overall business goals.”


“Create and manage strict project timelines in order to achieve and surpass sales quotas each month.”

Critical Thinking

“Analyze large amounts of data in order to create reports and identify ongoing trends; recommend improvements in each area.”

Social Skills

“Coordinate and manage local recruiting events from start to finish which attracted over 150 applicants and led to 5 hires.”


“Develop a new cost-saving initiative that improved the overall production process and was implemented throughout the entire company.”

Interpersonal Communication

“Provide constant motivation and mentorship to energize a team of 5 employees resulting in enhanced overall productivity.”


“Consistently and actively learn new information to keep up with advanced technological updates and industry news.”

Friendly Personality

“Greet approximately 50 customers each day, while understanding the nature of each question and directing them to the appropriate departments.”

Soft_Skills_Blog_Quote.pngAs a hiring manager or recruiter reads your resume, you want them to understand not only how you are qualified for a position, but also how your personality can contribute to the organization. You need to be able to highlight these soft skills on paper before you have the chance to demonstrate them to a potential employer in person.


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