How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

Have you found yourself faced with more than one job offer? Although this situation sounds pretty ideal, it can leave you in a tricky situation when deciding what to do with multiple offers on the table and how to manage the process.

First off, you should be proud you were so successful in the interview process that you have received multiple offers in writing. Moving forward, you need to take time to weigh all your options and determine which position best fits you, without burning any bridges with the runner-up.

Take Time (Just Not a Lot)

Take time to make a fully informed decision but not too much time where your offer gets withdrawn. Keep in mind, the hiring process is very time sensitive on both ends, asking the hiring manager for just a few business days to consider their offer is standard. Also, being honest about your multiple offers with hiring managers will benefit you in the process. Explaining that you are serious about your job search and are considering all the opportunities presented to you won’t discredit you. In fact, employers will appreciate your honesty and have a better understanding of why you are asking for extended time.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

When comparing offers, details of each job need to be fairly reviewed and considered. Although salary and benefits usually take precedence, it’s important to assess the location/commute, company culture, size of the organization, job title, growth and development opportunities and daily responsibilities (just to name a few). Organizing and writing down these specifics will help you visualize the differences between opposing jobs. If you have any uncertainties or unanswered questions about the role, ask the hiring manager for clarification at this point.

Talk Salary

Like mentioned above, salary is typically the major deciding factor when choosing between jobs. Pay is obviously important but shouldn’t be your sole motive. Everyone’s situations will vary but, if one job does pay a significant amount less, then you may want to consider the other position. If both pay the same, bear in mind the more fulfilling one (considering all factors). You could also benefit from negotiating your offer for more money from your desired organization. If you mentioned that you do have multiple offers, you can try to see if they’d match or pay more than the competition.

Think Long-Term

Think about your long-term career goals and objectives when comparing jobs. Many people don’t like to answer the “where do you see yourself in five years” question but, it might be beneficial to answer this before making any final decision. Ask yourself, could you picture yourself in this position long-term? Do you foresee growth opportunities to advance your career as opposed to the other position? Although difficult to determine which job will have a ‘better’ long-term payoff, recognizing what you want in the future will help you in your decision making.

Ask the Experts

Staffing consultants are the best people to turn to when you need any career advice or guidance. Because we directly work with organizations, we can provide insight into companies’ culture and how they compare to others in the marketplace. Here at JOHNLEONARD, our experienced recruiters and consultants meet with and carefully listen to candidate’s career challenges and aspirations and from there, advise and match you with an opportunity that best aligns with your career goals and lifestyle.

How to Handle Multiple Job Offers 1Receiving multiple job offers is a blessing and a curse. To help you prudently decided between offers, consider this advice and talk to a consultant today. In the end, you are the one with options. Take advantage of this challenging, yet exciting situation and you will end up in a new opportunity that is perfect for you.


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