How to Land a Part-Time JobAre you interested in joining the 27 million Americans who are employed on a part-time basis? Perhaps you are in school, retired, looking to earn extra money, stay at home with children or have other care responsibilities. Whatever the reason may be, working part-time may be the best fit for your current lifestyle. Consider these concrete tips when trying to find a part-time job that meets your career preferences and needs.

Who is hiring?

When deciding if you want to work part-time or not, you need to consider the different industries you want to work in and find out if they offer part-time work. Some common industries that do offer part-time work include investment, retail, hospitality, education, banking, and legal. To some degree, almost all industries offer part-time work but the pay and hours will vary depending on the role. You need to consider your availability and how much you are looking to earn when searching for the perfect part-time job for you. 

Look for seasonal jobs

Target your search towards organizations that often need extra help during busy holidays or peak seasons. Typically, during the winter or summer when employees take time off for vacation or when business tends to ramp up is when you will see a surge of seasonal opportunities. Apply to part-time seasonal jobs a few months before the season actually begins to be top-of-mind to hiring managers.

Be flexible

When applying to part-time gigs, showcase your flexibility on your resume and during interviews. Typically, part-time work is considered to be under 30-35 hours per week. With those hours in mind, truthfully highlight your availability and let the hiring manager know if you are willing to work ‘unconventional’ hours, like nights or weekends. Emphasizing that you are available the days and hours they are seeking, will show that you are eager and prioritizing the position.

Temporary work

If you are having trouble finding part-time work, consider temporary or contract opportunities. Temp roles can last from one-day assignments, a week-long, even months and years. Temp jobs can be a mix of both full-time and part-time, depending on the organization’s needs. If you are looking to get your foot in the door, a flexible schedule, or sharpen your skills, temping is a great alternative compared to working just one part-time job.

Take the job search seriously

Just because you are searching for a role that requires fewer hours and a lighter workload, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the process like you would a full-time position. You will most likely still need to submit your resume and cover letter when applying. Before interviewing, be sure to research the organization and practice common interview questions. Be aware that employers may ask you why you are interested in part-time so, be prepared with your well-thought-out answer.

Turn to a staffing agency

Not all staffing agencies specialize in part-time work, but here at JOHNLEONARD, our diverse clientele do offer full-time and part-time work. We recognize the increasing demand for part-time work in today’s labor market. If you are seeking part-time opportunities, we have vacancies for Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Legal Secretaries, AR Coordinators, Marketing Managers, Bookkeepers, and more, ranging in all different experience levels. 

How to Land a Part-Time Job (1)Working shorter days and having a flexible work schedule is sought-after by millions of US employees. To avoid job search frustration and stand out amongst your competition, consider this advice. And if you later decide you want to transition into full-time, check out our helpful blog here or contact us today to help connect you with the perfect opportunity!


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