You’ve decided it’s time for a change in your career. Whether it’s switching jobs, taking on a leadership role, or completely changing your career path, you’ve chosen to get your job search going. When you are in the job hunting process, it is important to make yourself completely available to recruiters. We’ve provided you with the following helpful tips to make sure recruiters will be able to reach you while you are tackling the job search.

Update Your Profile Picture and Bio

Having an updated online profile is extremely important when you are searching for a new job. You want to make sure that your profile picture is clean, professional, and up-to-date on any account you may have. You want the recruiter to see from the start that you are a professional who takes their job and career seriously. Also, make sure that every profile or network you are on has a current bio and accurately depicts your skillset.

Update Your Contact Information

When crafting your resume or social network profiles, review your work history and ensure they are accurate. Each job’s description should clearly and precisely overview your accomplishments. Being able to show what you’ve worked on and achieved in each role will show recruiters how prepared you are for future jobs. Also, make sure that your education information is up-to-date, and you add any courses you may have taken recently.

Get Your Resume Out There

Once your resume is fully updated, you need to get it out there and start applying for jobs. Build your resume profiles on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and more. If you are currently employed and don’t want them to be aware of your job search, just be sure to view the privacy settings with each account you set up. Once you have your resume on job boards, think outside the box about where you can add it as well. Sites like SlideShare, About. me and The Ladders are just a few sites that can additionally promote your resume. Take it one step further and create a personal website that will supplement your resume.

Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find

One major part of being available to recruiters is to have your contact information easily accessible. When recruiters are searching for potential candidates, they need to be able to easily find your contact information so they can get in touch. If you don’t want your email address out there on the internet, you could create an email account specifically for your job hunt so that way all of your job search messages get sent to one place.

Make Your Profiles Public

When keeping your social media accounts active during a job search, make sure they aren’t set to private. Having a private profile will hinder hiring managers and recruiters from seeing what you are posting about, which won’t help the job search process go by any quicker. Again, manage your privacy settings with each account you have set up online in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Connect with Those in Your Industry

Another way you can attract more recruiters to your job search is to connect and follow others in your specific industry. More recruiters will come across your profile if you are connected with those in their field. If you’ve met people at networking events or have worked with them in the past, try to make a connection with them. You never know who they may know and how they could connect you with a possible job or employer.

Be Accessible and Responsive

When a recruiter reaches out to you about a job, make sure you promptly get back to them. Even if you are not necessarily interested in the position they are bringing to your attention, getting back to them will show them that you are easily accessible. Responding in a reasonable amount of time will make it clear to recruiters that you are serious about getting a new job.  This will motivate them to identify more opportunities you are qualified for. If you are interested and you get back to them quickly, it will increase your chances of getting an interview and ultimately landing the job.

Follow Up With People

A huge part of being accessible to recruiters is following up. Whether after a meeting with your recruiter, after applying for a job through them, or after a phone screen, sending a message or calling them is essential. Thank you notes can make a huge difference in the job-hunting process and are a great way to follow up. Showing recruiters that you are serious about your job hunt by staying in contact with them will make all the difference in your search.

Be Available By....pngBeing available and accessible to recruiters is vital to the job search process. By implementing these simple points, you will be on your way to new career success.


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