If you are feeling nervous about an upcoming interview, don’t worry, you are not alone. A recent survey suggests that 92% of adults are anxious about job interviews. Although it may be difficult to completely get rid of your nerves, you want to show the hiring manager that you are confident about your skills and experiences, as well as convince them you are the best candidate for the role. To ensure your nerves don’t get the best of you during the interview, here are six ways you remain calm and confident.

Plan Ahead

On the day of your interview, the last thing you want to feel is rushed and frantic getting there, on top of the adrenaline rush you already have. Things like unexpected traffic, getting lost, or misplacing your phone can happen, so make sure to plan your time in advance and arrive early. To ensure you have enough time before your interview to relax and manage your nerves, take steps the night before to prepare for the big day.

Treat the Interview like a Conversation

Recruiters and hiring managers are not out to get you, even if the interview process seems intimidating. Their main purpose is to gain a better understanding of how you would fit within the role and organization. To make the interview environment less daunting, treat it like a conversation with a friend. When we talk with friends, the conversation flow is more natural and engaging. It is important to maintain professionalism, but utilizing this tactic helps you and the interviewer relieve some tension and progress through the interview more effortlessly.

Take Your Time

When responding to questions during the interview, it is easy to ramble and talk off-topic. Interviewers understand that candidates get nervous, but you want to avoid appearing scattered and unprepared. In order to gain better focus and direction, take a minute to formulate a well-composed answer. A clear and concise response is more likely to impress the interviewer, even if you take a moment to collect your thoughts. In case they ask you unexpected questions, prepare answers to common interview questions in advance, to ensure you don’t stumble over easy questions.

Think Positively

Sometimes nerves get the best of us and it makes us doubtful of our qualifications and skills. However it is important to remember that recruiters and hiring managers chose to interview you for a reason. Experts say that only the top 2% of a candidate pool reach the interview stage, so know that you reached this stage because hiring managers believe you are potentially a good fit. Once you start thinking positively and convince yourself that you can add value to the organization, your confidence easily increases.

Express Confident Body Language

It is important to show the interviewers confidence through nonverbal communications and body language, even if you are actually nervous. To show interviewers you are self-assured and engaged in the dialogue, sit up straight, maintain eye contact, smile, and refrain from fidgeting and moving excessively in your seat.

Don’t Place Too Much Pressure on Yourself

We often feel anxious during interviews because we place too much pressure on ourselves and become discouraged if things don’t work out the way we planned. To lessen the pressure and anxiety during an interview, remind yourself that there are more opportunities out there and it isn’t the end of the world if this opportunity doesn’t come to fruition.

Calm Interview Quote.pngInterviews are tough for almost everyone. As long as you keep these tips in mind and go into the interview with no regrets, your composure and confidence will positively influence interviewers’ impressions of your skills and experience.


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