Whether you are working a 9-5 office job or a remote job from your home, you have most likely experienced the afternoon slump feeling at one point or another. There may be a time in your afternoon when you’re ready to crawl under your desk and take a nice nap. Although as wonderful as that may sound, there are many other ways to regain your energy and keep up your productivity until the end of the day.

Start Your Day Out Strong

Wake Up A Little Earlier

Starting your day off strong is one of the best ways to try to beat the afternoon slump. One of the easiest things to try is waking up a little earlier than you’re used to. There are many advantages of doing this, which include being more proactive, getting better sleep, and having more time to do what you want outside of work. If you get an early start to your day, you won’t feel as rushed when getting ready and starting your day.

Try Stretching

Even before you get out of bed, try a variety of stretching. By starting your morning off with a good stretch, you are able to improve your mental health, which will only continue to help you throughout the day. Incorporate this small task into your daily routine in order to help you both mentally and physically.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast will also start your day off on the right foot and set you up for being more productive. In the morning, drink a tall glass of water and prepare a nutritional breakfast. If you don’t feel like eating breakfast right away in the morning, have food available in your office so you can prepare it when you get to the office.

Make Adjustments During the Day

Switch-Up Your Normal Routine

Switching up your normal routine is one way to kick your brain in high gear and stay motivated during the day. Focus on getting the tedious, mundane tasks at of your way as soon as you get to the office, and then you can focus on the more exciting projects in the middle of the day. Switching up your schedule (if you are able to) will keep your brain engaged and help you push through that afternoon slump.

Try a New Location

Another way to gain energy during the afternoon is through a change of scenery at your desk. Set up some time during the day to work at a different spot in your office or sit with another team. You can even try using a stability ball or standing desk instead of your regular chair. If you work from home, try going to a new coffee shop or the library to get out of the house for a while. All of these ideas will allow you to change the pace of your day and keep you more alert.

Listen to Music

While it may not work in every office setting, listening to music can benefit you and your productivity. A new study shows that listening to music while working can help employees become more productive and cooperative in the workplace. Listening to ambient background music can also drown out the everyday noises in the office as well as inspire your creativity. If you are able to listen to music at your desk, try listening to a motivating playlist that will help you stay positive throughout the afternoon.

Take Necessary Breaks

Get Away From Your Desk

Getting away from your desk a few times during the day is important. Sitting at your desk for hours will not allow you to keep up your energy or help with staying productive. Even if it feels like you have too much to do and can’t step away, a quick walk around the office can help. It’s also crucial to actually take your lunch break and eat your lunch somewhere else besides your desk. If you are able to get outside for a little bit, that helps even more. It’s imperative to get away from your work momentarily and give your brain a break during your day.

Read Something

Another way to take a simple break in the afternoon is to read something that isn’t a work email or a report. Take a few minutes to search online and find an interesting industry-related article to read. Use a tool like Feedly to save a post from your favorite publication, and then when you need a quick break, find the article and really set aside some time to read it. This will provide you with a needed break and help you stay current on industry-related news or updates.

De-clutter Your Workspace

One other way to take a break is to allow yourself to get a bit more organized and de-clutter your workspace. Spend five minutes cleaning your desk space and removing anything that you don’t absolutely need on there. Clean out your drawers, throw away old snacks and unnecessary papers, and even add new accessories to your desk. De-cluttering your workspace will help clear your mind and give you a little boost for the rest of the day.

Maintain a Healthy Routine

Drink Enough Water

The simple task of drinking the recommended amount of water each day can make a significant impact on your energy. Drinking water instead of soda will drastically benefit your body and your overall health. Grab a water bottle and keep track of how much water you drink daily. You can even use apps on your phone to keep track of your water intake to ensure you are drinking enough.

Have Healthy Snacks Available

While you are working, you are likely to crave a snack, especially in the afternoon. Have healthy food readily available instead of going to the vending machine or buying a sugar-loaded snack. These can include a handful of almonds, veggies with hummus, or some light popcorn. Keeping a stash of healthy snacks at your desk can help you stay invigorated and push through that afternoon slump.

Get Exercise Each Day

Go for a walk, try an exercise class, or go for a run before or after work. Incorporating time during your day to exercise will give you the energy you need. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes, adding exercise to your daily routine has long-term benefits. If you can get outside and walk during your lunch break, you will give yourself that boost to push you through the afternoon.

Stay Energized.pngWhen it comes to staying energized and focused throughout the day, there are different routes you can take. Once you find the one that works best for you, you will see how much more you can get done and how easy it is will be to power through those afternoons.


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