With an ever-changing landscape of jobs and the job market, job seekers are focusing on what’s important to them now more than ever. While must-haves for jobs have certainly changed over the last few years, from remote-only work and flexible hours to company values and diversity, job seekers are unwilling to compromise on requirements that are important to them. Diversity, in particular, has gone from a nice perk to a non-negotiable that employees/job seekers are looking for.

Glassdoor states that 67% of job seekers are looking for diversity in their companies, which begs the question, “How should a job seeker target diverse companies in a job search?” There are several steps to take to clarify how diverse a company is and how dedicated it is to furthering diversity.

  1. Take a look at the company’s website

Don’t just scan the ‘about’ page; take the time to view team members and learn more about them. This may feed into the decision-making process by asking questions such as whether people have similar backgrounds and experiences or whether the employees come from various backgrounds, locations, etc. Next, take a look at the company’s diversity statement. Is there a specific section on the website dedicated to diversity? And if there is, are there concrete steps they take to promote diversity within? If all of these things line up, the next step in the search can be taken.

  1. Do some light digging into the company’s social media

Things that appear on the company’s social media should also align with a diversity-focused mindset. How they highlight underrepresented groups of people, and what focus is placed on uplifting people. Do they acknowledge a wide variety of holidays, or at least make a concentrated effort to? While it’s unrealistic to expect every company to be the pinnacle of diversity, having examples of steps taken is always a great sign.

  1. Research what other people think of this company

Several great tools can be utilized in this last phase of research. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are invaluable resources that should be used in any job search. Take the time to review company ratings and focus on what people are saying about the company. What do employees at all levels of the organization think? Do they feel represented, heard, and respected? LinkedIn, especially, is an excellent way to utilize your network and maybe reach out to former employees to get their thoughts on the organization.

Job searching is more complex than ever, especially in a landscape where employees are driven not just by advancement opportunities but also by how organizations align with their values. When searching for companies that align with job seekers on their diversity efforts, looking at the company’s website, digging into their social media, and reading company reviews are great steps to take.

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