How to Target Passive Job Seekers

Passive job seekers are those who are not actively looking for a job but may be interested in a new opportunity if it were to present itself. As a result of the lack of qualified candidates for open positions, employers have started to target passive job seekers in order to fill critical jobs. A report from Indeed stated, 70% of workers are not actively looking for a new job but would be willing to discuss the possibility if an opportunity emerged. Although the number of passive job seekers is astonishingly high, typically organization’s hire from the active candidate pool, as the recruitment process is geared towards those actively seeking employment.

However, it is important to note the value this group holds. Passive job seekers are career focused and won’t leave their career until a better opportunity arises. It is a given that these candidates already have the appropriate and necessary experience and skill-set to succeed in a specific position. Additionally, you can count on this group to be transparent with their skills, as they are looking to be impressed with a company rather than the other way around. While targeting passive job seekers can be difficult, these strategies will help you foster relationships and a larger recruitment network.

Strengthen Your Organization’s Brand

Building your organization’s brand is essential for attracting passive job seekers. You want to be able to communicate your company culture and values so that passive job seekers are able to formulate an opinion about your company from the outside. Focus your efforts on promoting your company’s achievements, ambitions, and purpose. By working to build a relationship, you can connect with potential candidates before they are even ready to apply. Here at JOHNLEONARD, even if you are not ready to apply for your next job, you can stay connected by becoming part of our Talent Community. Within the Talent Community, you are able to stay informed by receiving the latest industry trends and news as well as featured jobs and articles written by our staffing experts.

Utilize Social Media

It has become easier than ever to utilize social media to connect and seek out candidates for open positions. Reaching out via LinkedIn is a great way to connect with passive job seekers, as they are more likely to check their profiles as opposed to job boards or company websites. Utilize different forms of social media and online platforms to post jobs, even ones that may seem unconventional such as Instagram or Twitter. Lastly, investing time in a company blog has the potential to source passive job seekers. Writing topics that cater to specific industries and job seekers will attract all kinds of candidates who are seeking career advice or guidance.

Highlight Job Opportunities and Growth Potential

Not only should your job postings be innovative and interesting, but it is important to highlight the potential career growth opportunities within your organization. Since this pool of candidates are already employed, they may not be enticed by typical incentives such as higher pay or benefits. Highlighting networking and growth opportunities shows what your role can offer that their current role doesn’t. Ensure that your online job application process is easy and efficient so that it isn’t difficult to get in contact with your organization. Lastly, consider implementing an employee referral program if you don’t already have one in place. These programs offer a valuable way to identify passive job seekers and can greatly enhance your candidate pool.

How to Target Passive Job Seekers 1While targeting passive job seekers is not an easy task, it can be well worth the effort. By focusing on building relationships and highlighting opportunities, your organization will be one step closer towards creating new recruitment connections and attracting top talent.


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