Technology has started to become a necessity in our everyday lives. The way you would get things done even a decade ago has most likely changed in some way due to technology. This even includes applying for jobs and then interviewing for them as well.

At times people may need to interview for positions that aren’t close to home, and travelling to an interview in person can take a lot of time and money. Most employers want more interaction than a simple phone call and the next best option for them is typically a video interview. Video interviews still allow for a face-to-face connection, all while providing the option of having the meeting remote. You may not have to get up and go into an office to be interviewed, but you can still be prepared and utilize this interview format to your full advantage.

You’re not in a typical office setting

Being away from a typical office setting for a job interview can make the process much easier because you’re able to be in your comfort zone. This can have many benefits for the interview because you know where exactly you should set up your web camera depending on where you’ll have the best lighting and internet connection. Once you’ve decided on the setting for your video interview, just be sure to test everything multiple times before the day of your meeting. Check your internet connection and how you’ll look in order to be ready with no distractions. Whatever you can have around you to increase comfort and decrease stress will help you be more at ease when you start to answer questions.

You can have notes by you

Another perk of having a video interview rather than one in person is that you can have notes and materials directly in front of you. You can compile a page of information that has key points that you know most interviewers will ask. The basic questions about your strengths and weaknesses, and what you like most about the organization can be written down beforehand so that you aren’t stuck thinking about answers during the interview. If they have questions about the skills on your resume and your work history, you can have everything in front of you to help you answer as thoughtfully as possible. Having notes and other useful materials easily accessible will allow you to feel more prepared, but not to the point of feeling distracted.

Your body language plays an important factor

Part of being in an interview is not only what you say, but also how you say it. Usually being face-to-face or in-person with someone allows you to see their body language and eye contact very clearly, but that’s not always the case with video interviews. Because the interviewer can only see you from the neck up, it’s up to you to put in the extra effort to highlight your confidence and really get your personality across. Another imperative factor is to show that you’re actively listening to what the interviewer is saying. Eye contact is still necessary whether you are talking or listening, so it’s important to remember to look into the camera and not at yourself on the computer screen.

Your interviewer is in a similar position

Having a video interview can have challenges, but you aren’t the only one that has to deal with them. Your interviewer can also face some of the same difficulties that you are by trying to connect over a computer screen. You both have to find a way to set yourself up in a good position and speak clearly in order to look and sound as distinct as possible on screen. It may take a few minutes for both of you to get used to this type of interview setting, so be sure to make adjustments as necessary. Keep a smile on your face and tackle the interview ahead.

Video Interview Advantages.pngThere are advantages and disadvantages to having a video interview, but you need to be ready to take them either way. Although a video interview can allow you to stay in your comfort zone while in a high-stress situation, it’s crucial to be prepared. It’s still an interview and being relaxed shouldn’t equate to being unprepared or lazy. As long as you put in the work and realize the value of this type of format, you can really shine like you would in an in-person interview.


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