Leaving Your Job Heres How to Handle a Counteroffer From Your Current EmployerIt is not uncommon in this candidate-driven market to be in a position where you are incentivized to stay with more money or a promotion when giving your two weeks’ notice. It is an extremely difficult position to be in because you are torn between the organization you are working at, where you have built trust and relationships, and a new and exciting opportunity. It can seem like an even more difficult decision to leave your current job when you are offered more compensation, a title change, or both when you tell them you are leaving. Before you make a final decision, ask yourself these few questions.

If your company thought that you were worth that promotion or additional pay, why did it take you leaving for them to offer it to you? An organization that values its employees will continually be looking to see what the job market looks like and ensure that its employees are paid at a fair market rate. It can be a red flag if it takes something as drastic as having another offer for them to pay you what you are valued at or promote you to the position you deserve. It is also important to think of their performance review structures, and if you feel like you will continue to have your pay raised in accordance with your experience in the coming years.

What is it about the job or company that made you start looking in the first place and will any of those things change? Think of the structural and organizational differences between the two organizations and what motivated you to seek out another opportunity from the start. If you think of yourself six months or a year from now, do you see any of those things having the potential to change, and can you see yourself being content and able to thrive in the working conditions you have been in?

Are you ready to close the door on this new opportunity? Once you decline an offer, it can be extremely difficult to secure another interview with the same organization. What are the things that excited you about this new company and motivated you to interview with them in the first place? Now that you have an offer from them, will you regret walking away from this company?

What position aligns with your long-term goals most? Although it can seem comfortable and safe to stay with your current job, especially if you are offered a better salary or position, which job will put you in the best position to meet your long-term career goals? Do you feel like your current employer has the resources and best practices to put you on a trajectory to continue to grow and develop in the role that you are in?

Leaving Your Job Heres How to Handle a Counteroffer From Your Current Employer (1)When deciding on a new position it may feel like you are being pulled in two different directions, even if you are not countered by your current job. It is important to take a step back and look at the situation as a whole. Think about your short and long-term success and stability at each company. What matters, in the end, is that you are in a job that will be able to pay you a competitive compensation and offer you the support, structure, and resources needed for you to continue to thrive and be successful in the future.

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