No Response_ Here's How to Ensure the Hiring Manager Replies

Typically the job search involves reaching out to hiring managers via email which can often leave candidates waiting for a response and discouraged. Frequently, organizations fail to reply and inform candidates of their rejection or application status which is understandably frustrating and confusing. With an estimated 280 billion business emails sent every day, it has become harder than ever to get noticed by hiring managers and receive a reply. If you are trying to reach a busy decision-maker or follow up after an interview, follow this advice to increase your response rates in order to advance your job search.

Plan Ahead

If you have the desire to work for a specific company reach out to the hiring manager, even if there are no current job openings. Include specifics regarding your skills, how your skills will help improve the company, and what attributes of the company make you want to be part of it. This will help get your foot in the door by attempting to establish a preliminary connection, giving you a better chance at landing an interview once a job does open up.

Utilize Proper Email Etiquette

It is essential to make the best first impression possible when reaching out through email, as simple mistakes can have lasting effects and impressions on hiring managers. Make sure that you utilize proper email etiquette so that you are able to come across as a professional. This includes making sure that your spelling and grammar is perfect, as it is a direct reflection of your communication skills and attention to detail.

Focus on the Subject Line

The subject line of your email represents your first chance to get someone to open your email. Oftentimes, the decision to open or simply delete an email is made entirely off of a subject line, especially when your inbox is filled with messages. Make sure that you keep the subject line short and to the point as they are often cut off, specifically when viewed on a mobile phone. At the same time, your subject line should convey what your email is about. If you are inquiring about a job or application, make sure to mention the job title and your name in the subject line so that it can be appropriately filtered and found by the hiring manager.

Make it Personal

When beginning your email, be sure to address the receiver by name to ensure the email is more personal than generic. Try your best to find the name of the hiring manager on the company’s website or LinkedIn. If you’re unable, simply address them by their job title. If you are emailing regarding interest in a job opening, mention any mutual connections you may have in common. Additionally, it’s beneficial to extend a congratulation regarding any recent promotions or company achievements you may have found out about the manager or organization.

Keep it Simple

Since hiring managers are busy and receive hundreds of emails per day, make sure that you keep the content of your email simple and to the point. With such limited time, eliminate any unnecessary words and make sure to be clear and specific in your requests. Use spacing and bullets to visually break up your message and ensure all of the important points are noted. At the end of your email, include a call to action such as your availability for a phone interview or specific questions about the position.

No Response_ Here's How to Ensure the Hiring Manager Replies (1)By referring to these five strategies when writing your emails, you will be able to send a more clear and more concise message to hiring managers, demanding a reply. While not receiving a response can be discouraging, by applying the tips laid out, your job search will be more likely to succeed.


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