Changing jobs is not uncommon. In fact, on average, people will have 12 different jobs by the time they turn 50. There’s a reason it’s called a career path! However, finding a new job in this challenging market can be daunting. Understandably, you may not want to start your job search until you’re confident the time is right. But if you’re struggling in your current role and questioning if it’s a good fit, it may be time to get your search going. Staying in an unfulfilling job can be a detriment to your career, your personal life, and your physical and mental health. Here are eight signs to help you determine if you’re ready to find a new job:

You’re bored and unmotivated: Having a day here and there where you just can’t quite get it together is normal. But if you feel disengaged and apathetic towards your work more often than not, it may be time to reevaluate your current situation. Is there anything you can do in your current role to challenge yourself? Can your manager provide you with a solution? If not, start refreshing your resume.

No career development: Professional development is critical for every career path. You may not want to be the CEO one day, but continuous learning and growth are essential. If you find yourself in the same role after a few years and management has indicated there is no potential for advancement in level or skill set, that’s a sign you’re ready to move on.

Company culture is toxic: Working in a low-morale environment can significantly weigh on mental health, well-being, and career progression. Whether it’s poor leadership, misaligning values, or toxic coworkers, if you find yourself in a negative environment, it’s probably best to find a better fit.

Your overall health is affected: Your body does a great job at letting you know when something is off. Symptoms like consistently feeling run down and borderline sick, experiencing high levels of stress, struggling with your appetite, or having trouble sleeping, can be indicators that your job situation is negatively impacting your health. If you notice your health is compromised, finding a new job might help.

You think about finding another job: Do you often daydream about finding another job? Do you have alerts set up on job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed? Have you found yourself perusing open job adverts? It’s one thing to keep yourself open to opportunities and a finger on the pulse of the job market. It’s another to regularly scan open jobs and dream about one of them being yours. If the idea of finding another job brings you more joy than the one you have, it’s time to start looking.

High organizational turnover: High turnover in any organization can significantly impact employee engagement and thoughts of job security. Whether it’s the result of a layoff or the organization is struggling to retain top talent, consistent or high-volume departures are concerning and can have many implications for remaining employees. Consider having an open conversation with your direct report and use that feedback to determine your next step.

You dread going to work: If you wake up each day already anxious about going to work and hoping that 5:00 PM comes quickly, or you live for Saturday just to get the ‘Sunday scaries’, starting your job search is probably the right call. You don’t have to be in love with your work, but it should be something you enjoy.

You can’t be yourself at work: We spend more time at work than we do at home, and having to hide aspects of your identity or leave part of you at the door can be exhausting and damaging to your mental health. Your authentic self is just as important to your work as the skill set you bring to the table. If you find you cannot be yourself at work, it’s time for a change.

If any of these scenarios hit close to home, a job change is in your future. Making a career change can be scary, but it’s worth it to find a job that brings you joy, growth, and a healthy challenge. Although job searching can be nerve-wracking, many resources are available to help make your search easier. Lean on your network, research job search trends, and utilize staffing services like JOHNLEONARD!


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