Maintaining a positive work-life balance can be a challenge for even the most organized employees and family members. Instead of trying to manage your varying responsibilities and roles, perfect your balancing act with a little help from your phone. The following applications will help you stay on top of your life in the simplest, most stress-free way possible.


1-_Cloze.png1. Cloze Relationship Management 

If you find yourself spending hours of your life at work or home trying to manage your professional relationships, it might be time to get Cloze. Cloze collects every interaction you have with a person or organization and produces a simple timeline of your relationship. By utilizing information drawn from phone calls, emails, social media, and more Cloze can determine how you should efficiently manage the relationship. With the app, never worry about which contacts you need to touch base with, the next steps for a project, or your upcoming schedule.




2. SimpleMind    

Mind mapping can be an extremely helpful way to organize your thoughts and explore your creativity. By continually building off of your ideas, you can sort through competing thoughts and form useful conclusions and objectives. SimpleMind makes mind mapping effortless by providing an easily customizable template to assist you with innovative thinking.




3-_Send_Anywhere.png3. Send Anywhere

In work and life, file sharing has become a necessity in our technology-driven world. Send Anywhere is an app designed to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible. After a minimal setup process, you are able to send and receive files from anywhere. Using the app, send files and images to friends, family, coworkers, and your other devices.
 is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep track of all of your life’s to-do list. Balancing responsibilities can become unorganized and confusing through standard to-do lists, which is why has created an inclusive to-do list platform. Within the app, you are able to set reminders, attach files, plan your agenda, sync between your devices, collaborate with team members, and much more.




5-_Cisco.png5.  Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco has created an app that allows you to join meetings, trainings, and events all from your mobile device. For those who need to travel often or for those who work remotely, the app streamlines business interactions which allows more time to get things done. For added convenience, Webex Meetings also supports your wearable devices.




6-_Pacifica.png6. Pacifica

While many struggle with stress and anxiety, few have the time or resources to manage these feelings effectively. Pacifica is an app that uses Cognitive Behavioral therapy, relaxation, and wellness techniques to help break the cycles of stress and anxiety. By tracking your mood, goals, and overall health, Pacifica helps you take charge of your emotional well-being, whether in work or in life.




7-_Cozi.png7. Cozi Family Organizer

Keeping track of your busy work-oriented lifestyle can be difficult, especially if you are contributing to the daily functions of a family. Cozi has set out to solve this problem by providing you with an extensive selection of features to organize your family life in one convenient app. Within the collaborative app, your entire family can keep track of several schedules, grocery lists, recipes, and important family notes.



8-_Pocket.png8. Pocket

Working in a fast-paced environment or managing several home commitments may leave you with little time to explore your interests and current events. With Pocket, you are able to save interesting articles, videos, and more to view when you have a moment of free time or need a break from a demanding schedule. Because Pocket has been integrated in over 1,500 apps and works seamlessly with your browser, finding and saving great content has never been easier.




9-_Lifesum.png9. Lifesum

It can be easy to lose sight of your physical well-being while juggling your workweek commitments, however, Lifesum’s simple interface puts you in control. Lifesum is an app that was created to monitor your lifestyle and provide a comprehensive look at your current health. With this app, your experience is tailored to your personal goals, providing you with effective tools to get your health on track.




List_of_Apps_for_Work-Life_Balance.pngToday is a great day to take control of your work-life balance! Download any of these useful apps to reduce your stress and gain a better life in and out of the office.


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