A job search is not an easy process, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional. There are emails to send, connections to make, resumes to edit, and job applications to complete. There’s a lot to manage on top of your already busy day-to-day schedule. However, there are ways to assist you with managing your job search. There are several tools, resources, and methods available at your disposal that can automate different aspects of your search. Take a look at the following ways automation can make your job search a bit easier to accomplish.

Set Up Job Alerts

When searching for potential job opportunities online, many times there are capabilities that allow you to either save your search or set up a job alert. These alerts can typically be set up on job search sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and more. Setting up alerts will allow these sites to send, right to your inbox, possible job opportunities they think you’re qualified for or interested in. This can save you time with searching through their listings, as well as make you aware of opportunities you may not have come across before.

Post Consistently to Social Media

It’s no secret that recruiters and hiring managers will be aware of your social media profiles and how active you are on these networks. Posting updates to each of the sites you are on does not have to take you all day, as there are helpful tools that you can utilize. Find content to post about using Feedly, which allows you to have all of your publications and blogs you follow in one easy spot. Once you find the content, set up your posts through Buffer, a tool that schedules your postings and automatically publishes postings throughout the day. A combination of these two tools will make it infinitely simpler to show you’re active on social media and stay in the spotlight when recruiters are searching for qualified candidates.

Research Organizations

Similar to the ways you can set up alerts for job searches, you can also utilize Google Alerts for different aspects of research. You will need to do research throughout your job search, whether it be when you are first researching an employer, preparing for an interview, or staying up to date on industry trends. Set up alerts for organizations so you have the most recent news at your disposal, which you can then use in conversations with recruiters and hiring managers. Take it one step further and subscribe to those employers’ blogs or newsletters, that way you can stay on top of their announcements and latest updates.

Create Message Templates

When reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters, you need to grab their attention and create a personalized message. With this in mind, it’s best to have templates on-hand that you can use to craft your initial message. When you have these templates already created, you can plug in the specific information to make the message tailored to the recipient. You can develop these messages for your cover letters, LinkedIn InMails, and thank you notes after an interview. A helpful tool to create and keep these messages is MailChimp, where you can save all of your templates in one place and use them whenever needed.

Stay Organized

Organization is key to your job search, as there will be several items to track and maintain. The first step you want to take here is to get a set schedule in order and block out time each day to apply for jobs and follow up with any potential employers. Going forward, you want to track each person you speak with, every phone screen, when you have interviews, and when to send thank you emails. Create reminders on your phone for when you have meetings, as well as when you need to have applications or forms to complete. We’ve also created a helpful job search tracker for you to utilize throughout your search, which you can download here for free. Once you get your search into a routine, it will be easier to manage and maintain.

Automation Job Search Tracker.pngCompleting a job search is not an easy feat, but there are ways to make certain aspects of your search less difficult. Utilize these methods of automation so you can save time and designate your efforts to where they are needed most.


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