Google Chrome extensions are not just helpful for recruiters; they can assist job seekers as well. As mentioned in my previous post, I have tested a variety of extensions that can help you as you search for your next career move. Listed below are the top ten Google Chrome extensions I have found most useful and effective for networking, productivity, and building a personal brand to improve your overall job search.

1. Buffer

Whether you are just starting your job search or are an established professional, it’s crucial to build a personal brand. One of the easiest ways to start this is to not just be on social media but to demonstrate your expertise and participate in conversations. Buffer is an extension that can assist job seekers in developing their personal brand throughout their job search. As a job seeker, you can utilize this extension to schedule multiple social media postings throughout the day so you don’t have to manually post each time to each of your accounts.

2. Feedly Mini

As you continue to establish your personal brand, it’s also important to share relevant information with your social following. Feedly is an extension that allows you to add a variety of websites, blogs, and RSS feeds to your Feedly account. Not only will this extension save you time with posting, but it will also help you to stay up to date on industry news and top resume and interview advice.

3. WiseStamp

It’s crucial to maintain a professional appearance when keeping in touch with recruiters, hiring managers, and more. WiseStamp is a Chrome extension that helps you create an email signature that highlights your social media profiles and important information to further develop your brand. WiseStamp is easy to set up and can be used across a variety of email platforms.

4. Todolist

Todolist is a Chrome extension that will help to manage your daily tasks. This tool allows you to become more organized and productive by becoming your own personal task manager. Not only will Todolist assist you in keeping on top of your job search, but it is also a great time management tool you can share with recruiters and hiring managers that you know.

5. Ginger

When you are crafting emails, LinkedIn messages, social media posts, or any other forms of written communication, it’s essential to use correct grammar and spelling. Ginger is a Chrome extension that acts as your personal proofreader, helping to correct a variety of grammar and spelling errors. Be sure to utilize this extension the next time you are crafting a message for a recruiter or making edits to your resume or cover letter.

6. Momentum

As the job search process can become grueling, it’s important to stay motivated. Momentum can help with this by offering you a customized dashboard on your computer that can inspire you to become more productive. This extension replaces each new tab you open with a personal message, key to-do, or inspiring quote.

7. StayFocusd

Just as important as it is for recruiters to stay focused each day, it’s also important for job seekers to maintain focus throughout their job search. StayFocusd is an extension that increases your productivity and limits the amount of time you can spend on specific websites. StayFocusd lets you set how much time you can spend on that website and once the allotted time is reached, that site is blocked for the rest of the day. Say for example you’re spending too much time on Facebook when you should be concentrating more on your job search. You can set a limit for 30 minutes and when you’ve been on that site for that long, you are unable to visit Facebook again until the next day.

8. Save to Pocket

When completing your job search online, you will come across numerous job postings, news articles, blog posts, company websites, social media profiles, and more. It’s difficult to keep track of all of these and read them all in one sitting. Save to Pocket is a Chrome extension that can help you organize and save all of the web pages you come across in your search. This extension allows you to save however many pages you find so you can read them later and have them organized all in one place.

9. Streak CRM for Gmail

This extension notifies you instantly when someone has viewed your email and how many times. Knowing whether someone has received and seen your email makes the application process less stressful. You can sort your emails, so you know whom you need to follow up with.

10. WiseStamp

This extension helps job seekers create a professional email signature that includes important information like contact information, education, and social media links for recruiters and hiring managers to view. The signature will be included by default at the end of every sent email. This makes the emailing process quicker, so the same information doesn’t need to be typed repeatedly.


Whether you are an experienced professional or an entry-level candidate, there will always be helpful tools to assist in your job search process. Utilize these Google Chrome extensions to not only network and find a job, but to also highlight your overall personal brand to recruiters and potential employers.


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