Google Chrome extensions are great tools that can help recruiters find candidates and help job seekers in their job search.  They can also be extremely useful for productivity. Whether you are applying to jobs or trying to fill them, the following Google Chrome extensions will make your day easier and keep you productive.

1. Todolist


Todolist is an extension that creates simple, yet impactful to-do lists. It is a tool that allows you to keep track of project updates, upcoming deadlines, and important documents. You can access your list from a variety of devices including your phone, tablet, desktop, email, and even offline. This extension can also add team members so you can delegate tasks and completely manage projects.

2. Dayboard

During the work day, there are typically a few significant tasks or goals you want to complete. With the Dayboard extension, you can replace your new tab page with a list of these most important tasks. The easy layout gives you a reminder of the top items you need to focus on accomplishing each time you open a new tab.

3. Evernote:


This tool allows you to save something you see on the web and add it to your account to read later. You can save a webpage, an article, or just a clip or quote from an article, and then read your notes from any device. It is a handy extension that saves you time by reading online information when you are able to and then share that information to your social networks.

4. Citrus

It’s not hard to get distracted during the work day, especially with work environments being more technically advanced and more connected. In order to lessen these distractions, you can use the extension Citrus to block certain websites. You add the sites that you would normally get distracted on and then set a timer for how long you want that website to be blocked. During that time you will not be able to access that site, therefore allowing you to be more productive.

5. OneTab

I’m sure you have more than one tab open on your browser right now and keep multiple tabs open throughout the day. This extension helps to reduce the clutter of all of your tabs and keep them in just one tab. This tool not only helps you to be more organized but also helps to save memory and improve your computer’s speed.

6. WikiWand


WikiWand is an extension that allows you to search for things on Wikipedia without leaving your current webpage. This helps to save you time when completing any type of research so you can quickly learn more about a topic. It features an easy-to-read layout with the ability to have a short preview when you hover over a link.

7. Grammarly

With the number of emails, messages, and social media posts you create as a recruiter or a job seeker, it’s essential to have the right grammar and spelling. Adding the Grammarly extension assists you when writing and works anywhere on the web. This tool acts as your personal online editor so any communication you have with candidates or recruiters can be the best it can be.

8. Print Friendly & PDF


This is a useful extension that optimizes a page when you need to print it. You are able to remove ads from a webpage, and unnecessary images, and change the text size in order to make an easy-to-print document. This tool can certainly help when you need to print information out about a company or a candidate’s online profile.

9. Office Online

In case you need to access Microsoft tools when not at work (and are not using Google Docs), you can utilize the extension Office Online. This tool lets you use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within your browser and access files from different locations. If you need to work on something after hours, this tool allows you to be productive in any setting.

10. RescueTime

RescueTime is a handy extension that keeps track of the time you spend in Chrome. This tool is extremely helpful in monitoring where you spend the most time online during the day and how you can better manage this time. Having this detailed information can assist you in improving your productivity and time management.

Whether you are a recruiter or a job seeker, it’s crucial to stay productive in your day-to-day activities. Adding a select amount of these Google Chrome Extensions can help with this process and make you more organized overall.


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