For many of us, Sunday night is when you have the harsh realization that your weekend is coming to an end. It’s a time where we know we have to return to waking up early and being productive, which can be a difficult task when you’re coming off of a relaxing weekend.

However, it’s routine to have to get up and be somewhere Monday morning, so utilizing your Sunday productively to prepare for the week is much more useful and satisfying in the long run. Keep reading to learn a few helpful steps that you can start to implement on Sunday to ensure you have an efficient week ahead of you.

Prepare Mentally

The most important part to having a good week is actually being positive about it. It’s no surprise that your own thoughts and feelings toward something can alter your perspective about it. Instead of dreading Monday morning and being negative about waking up early for the upcoming days, try to change that mentality. Think about the some of the more fun and exciting things and people that are associated with work or school, and remember those good aspects. Once you practice actually looking forward to the upcoming week, it’ll make those early mornings less dreadful.

Create a Schedule

Taking the time to write out responsibilities to accomplish for the week is a great way to make sure everything you need to do can be done in a timely manner. It allows you to hold yourself accountable for actually completing your tasks each day. Trying to remember everything you have to do each day of the week can be very stressful, especially if you forget something last minute. Creating a simple outline of your week ahead is a smart way to avoid stress because your whole week is already starting to be planned.

Run Errands

Nothing can throw off a day like having to do last minute errands in the middle of the week. Try to utilize your Sunday productively to get some of those larger errands done, such as cleaning, doing laundry, or going shopping for the week. This way, you won’t have to feel stressed about simple home maintenance issues if it’s all taken care of beforehand. A clean space can help to keep your thoughts clear as well. This, in return, can assist you with focusing more on your work as well as feeling more relaxed while at home.

Make Exciting Plans

While each day of your week may not have an exciting event planned, it’s important to make plans that you can look forward to. There are a number of activities you can do; such as hanging out with friends, venturing to a new restaurant during lunch, or taking a new class at the gym. Making plans for the nights and weekends can also help to provide you motivation to get work done ahead of time. It can also make you excited to wake up in the morning knowing that something fun is coming soon, even if you have to make it through a long day first.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is usually the main reason it can be so tough to get up early in the morning. Going to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday night will allow you to get a full night’s rest and not be groggy when waking up the next day. Actually getting to sleep early when it’s not a natural habit for you is difficult to achieve at first, but after enough practice, it can become more of a habit. A good night’s rest will set you up for a much less stressful day and set you on a path for success during the week.

Sunday Preparation List.pngWhile each person’s schedule is different, there are ways you can be ready for the week ahead. Utilize these tips to set a helpful guideline for how to prepare yourself for what needs to be done on a day-by-day basis. Starting your preparation on Sunday allows for you to be proactive and eliminate last minute issues that may arrive.


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