Why You Should Accept a Temporary “Bridge” Job Right Now

After a year of change and challenge, many people are rethinking and reflecting on what they want from their careers. Job seekers have had to be extremely patient with their job search journey due to the unsteady job market. The labor market has experienced numerous shifts throughout the pandemic, with an increased demand for temporary workers – especially in certain industries. While job seekers search for their dream job, many have pursued temporary work as a way to get back to work, earn money, or as a pathway to get to the next step in their career, even if it is only for a short period of time.

An article recently published on LinkedIn, Is a bridge job right for you? explains the concept of modern-day ‘bridge jobs’. Andrew Seaman, Senior Editor for Job Search & Careers at LinkedIn News writes, “Bridge jobs give people the opportunity to get over a gap in their careers. While they’re only meant to be temporary, bridge jobs can be invaluable for many people. A person who needs money or health care coverage, for example, can use a bridge job to make the journey to the next step in their career much easier.” In other words, a bridge job is a temporary opportunity that can build and broaden your career path.

As we continue forward and the economy improves, temporary work shows no sign of slowing down. As an employment agency that has almost 50 years (our temporary division was established in 1974) of temporary staffing experience, we want to share insight on why you should consider accepting a temporary job that will be the ‘bridge’ to get you to your dream job.

You’ll have time to improve your skills

A bridge job can afford you the time you need to figure out your next career move. A bridge job is typically a lateral job move. It should not be a time-consuming, stressful job that hinders your chances of landing your dream job. Use the extra time you have to prioritize and develop the necessary skills or education you need for your desired job. Whether you’re learning to improve your negotiation skills, public speaking, or honing your coding skills, identify unique credentials you are lacking and make an effort to develop those skills. Research online class platforms like Udemy or LinkedIn Learning to see what they have to offer in your professional field. These courses can help you leverage your skills in collaboration to grow your career.

Financial benefits

Finding your perfect job can take days, weeks, or months. While you focus on searching, temping allows you the opportunity to earn a paycheck and also extends your unemployment benefits. Whether you are a Temporary CFO or Cashier, accepting a temporary job has its own set of financial advantages and affords you the time and money to continue your search.


As mentioned before, a bridge job might be a temporary lateral job move but at the same time, you are gaining valuable experience to put on your resume. You should accept a temporary position that is relevant to the career path you want to pursue. But before accepting a role, consider your goals and what you hope to get out of the job. The bridge job should help you transition into your long-term career.

Build your network

Building your network of professionals takes time and dedication but the payoff is worth it! When temping onsite or remotely, you will meet new people in new industries and environments. Having industry contacts in the right places and building strong relationships can help you secure an interview or even your dream job in the future. 

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If you are ready to get back to work, gain real-world work experience, or make a career change, it is time to consider a temporary job. Bridge jobs will take you from a job seeker to a career grower. Do not give up on your job search, talk to a JOHNLEONARD Staffing Consultant today to hear about our rewarding temporary jobs ranging from one-day assignments to six-month/multiple-year projects.

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