When applying for jobs and being active in the workforce, there are some fundamental technology skills that employers expect prospective employees to have, which are used in almost any job. Technology is advancing rapidly and many businesses rely on tech to achieve their business goals and operate as efficiently as possible. Additionally, with the global talent shortage, skills-based hiring is beginning to take priority over experience. Possessing these basic tech skills will help you remain competitive in the job market. Plus, these skills are not only beneficial for your career but for personal knowledge as well. The beauty of technology is that if your skills are not entirely up to par, there are so many tutorials, classes, etc., you can take online to get up to speed!

The first basic tech skill everyone should have is the knowledge of word processors. Think Microsoft Word and Google Docs. In terms of fundamental word processing skills, there is little you need to know beyond creating a new document, saving a document, and converting a Word document to PDF format, among others. Word processors are also a great tool to ensure your spelling and grammar are accurate, as many word processing platforms automatically make changes/suggestions when there is a grammatical error. This is extremely helpful in a job and, honestly, expected, and a very practical skill to obtain in your everyday life!

Every employee should also know how to use emailing platforms. If you think about it, most, if not all, employers will require their employees to use email at least once. Suppose emailing is not a regular part of the job. In that case, it will likely be a necessary skill to have in the application and interview stages, as that is where a lot of communication takes place these days. Employees should know how to compose an email, attach files, attach links, create folders for organization purposes, and be able to send a mass email.

In this day and age, every employee should have the skills to be able to attend video conferences. Since COVID-19, video conferencing has become a staple in many jobs, and everyone should know how to use it. Whether it is accepting the invitation, attending the actual video conference, or even creating/scheduling a video conference for themselves to participate with other people. So many companies operate in a way where employees can now work from home or work from multiple locations, so having the skill to conduct a video conference is crucial!

One more basic tech skill every employee should have is marketing and social media. Even if you don’t have a social media presence, you should understand relevant platforms and their purposes, as they are so prominent in business today. Social media has become a phenomenal marketing tool for businesses, and that will not go away anytime soon!

As time passes and technology becomes more relevant to our everyday lives, these basic tech skills become not just more necessary but essential. If your tech skills are not up to par, many helpful tools are available (and sometimes free, like this one!) online to make brushing up on them convenient and accessible. Start by checking out JOHNLEONARD’s free software tutorials, research video guides on YouTube, and browse LinkedIn Learning for low-cost courses.


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